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  • Squealing TS-3650

    Whenever I turn on my table saw and the blade is set slightly above the surface it squeals very loudly. It only lasts a couple of seconds, but it doesn't seem right. Also, when set at this level the motor shimmies when you turn it off and it is winding down. It doesn't appear to to affect the cutting performance, but it doesn't seem right - any ideas?

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    Re: Squealing TS-3650

    Sounds to me like you need to adjust the pulley alignment. Your Owners Manual can tell you how to do that.
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      Re: Squealing TS-3650

      Also check the condition of the belt. Does it bounce or wobble? With the saw unplugged try feeling the belt. It needs to be straight and smooth. If not, it should be replaced.


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        Re: Squealing TS-3650

        valkyrie00 -

        Have you seen this thread about TS3650 belt tension? It might help. Soon after I assembled my saw I noticed a vibration while the saw was running, and a kind of 'bump' when it was turned off and the motor spun down. My problem was a loose belt. My belt wasn't squealing, but that is another indication of a loose belt.

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          Re: Squealing TS-3650

          From past experience I would suggest you check a few things:

          If this is a new saw and just set up, does the full weight of motor rest on the belt when the blade is fully down? IF not you need to readjust the motor per the installation directions.

          Does the motor freely rotate up and down against the tension spring? (Lift it by hand and make sure it freely moves all the way top to bottom. Sometimes a chip or small piece fo wood will get trapped by the spring and stop the motor from moving properly).

          Is the motor hitting something like an outfeed table, etc?

          All these will result in the belt being too loose.

          Another problem may be if you have made a zero clearance insert (ZCI) and have been cutting a resinous wood like pine (or cocobolla, etc) The pine resin will build up inside the blade slot, and catches the sawdust, resulting in a very hard substance that rubs against the blade. You will find this in the insert slot at the front end. Trim it out with a craft knife (boxcutter). The buildup will drag against the blade causing problems at start-up/shutdown, as well as causing the blade to overheat, which may result in a warped blade.

          If you had a ZCI, and just replaced the blade, the new blade may be slightly thicker, also causing drag. Just run it full down to full up with the saw on and it will cut the slot to the correct thickness. If the insert is made out of HDPE (plastic), you may have to pull it out after running the blade up and down to trim off the melted plastic on the bottom front end of the slot.


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            Re: Squealing TS-3650

            Thank you all for your suggestions. I did find that the motor was not situated far enough back to hold enough tension when the blade was at that particular heighth. I adjusted as necessary - and voila no more squeals.

            Thanks for the information


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              Re: Squealing TS-3650

              Congratulations, enjoy your new saw, you will love it.