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Milwaukee tools, old versus current production

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  • Milwaukee tools, old versus current production

    I've sent my Milwaukee batteries off for replacement due to the recall. I was told yesterday by Milwaukee that I should expect to wait three weeks or more to get my new batteries. I use my 18v tools almost every day and can't go without them for that long so I was thinking of buying either an extra battery or two or buying another tool that comes with batteries. I haven't purchased any Milwaukee tools since I got this set in about 2002 I think. Is the quality of the Milwaukee cordless stuff as good as it was then or has it dropped since they were bought by TTI? The Milwaukee tools I've got now have been great and I've had no problems with them but if the current tools aren't what they used to be then it might be time to change brands. In the mean time I've gone back to using my old 9.6 Makita which is getting me by for a drill but won't work for my cutting needs. It's amazing how long those old 9.6 stick batteries last compared to the new ones, 10 years old or more and they still hold a pretty good charge. John

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    Re: Milwaukee tools, old versus current production

    I pretty much have only used milwaukee and hilti till is switched to the makita li. I switched only because of the deal i got and i did not want the big v 28 but still continue to use at least three milwaukee drills and impact drivers 14.4v that i bought in 03 to 06 with not 1 problem


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      Re: Milwaukee tools, old versus current production

      I bought my hubby a cordless Milwaukee sawzall "hatchet" in about 2002. However, you are bringing up an old wound as the item was a "must have" and after LOTS of work I acquired it for him. Only to find, he does not use it because he doesn't want to get it dirty

      Guilt and fear of never receiving another tool has moved the sawzall into the truck.

      His ability to answer this question with an honest, accurate answer will get him the possibility of receiving another tool. However, his inability to answer . . .well you know how that will turn out

      I love my plumber

      "My Hero"

      Welcome, Phoebe Jacqueline!


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        Re: Milwaukee tools, old versus current production

        i sent back 2 batteries and it took about 2 weeks to recieve them back. in your case why not send in half the batteries and wait till you get the new ones, then the second half?

        joey, i will use your hatchet once my dewalt dies

        till then the hatchet is doing fine in the garage

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Milwaukee tools, old versus current production

          Maybe I'll get lucky and have the batteries back in a couple of weeks then. Unfortunately I didn't find out about the long wait for new batteries until I'd already sent both of mine off. The info I read on the recall in a Lowes store here said something to the effect that they'd send new batteries out within 24 hours of receipt of mine so I didn't think it would be a big deal. I probably should just order another nicad battery pack, looks like Amazon has a good price on them. I thought about changing over to lithium ion but it's pretty expensive to buy a couple batteries and the charger. The only other tool I really could use is a impact driver, do any of you use the 18v Milwaukee one?

          Don't be afraid to get that Hatchet dirty! Mine has seen plenty of hard work in some pretty dirty places and it still runs like new. It seems that I use it almost as much as the drill.


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            Re: Milwaukee tools, old versus current production

            I have Milwaukee cordless tolls and have not had any problems at all.