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    Re: Battery Questions

    Originally posted by Frankiarmz View Post
    Should be interesting what Ryobi wants for those batteries and charger seperate from the whole kit?
    I recall reading it would be $99 (list price) for the Ryobi lithium battery kit which would include a charger and one battery. I suspect the batteries themselves won't be much more than $50-$60 bucks. Compare Ryobi's current 1.7Ah batteries which sell for $28 a piece or $40 for a pair to the $75 dollars the 1.9Ah MaxHC battery sold for.


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      Re: Battery Questions

      Some battery information collected in the past 30 days:

      Ryobi will be selling a charger and single L/I battery in Home Depot starting some time in November ($99). I have a good contact at Home Depot Corp who told me that individual batteries (no charger) will be available in 2008 (sorry, no specific date)

      Dewalt reps at several retail tool shows, and one wholesale show for dealers, told me the charger and a single battery would be available for $149 in the first quarter of 2008. The prices mentioned in some other posts might be people breaking up kits and selling components. Dewalt has such a huge customer base of 18v tools, they would be crazy not to bring batteries without chargers to market at some point next year.

      If anyone has heard from a Dewalt source something different, please post for all of us.