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Heavy Duty vs Compact Drills & Drivers __Really struggling

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  • Re: Heavy Duty vs Compact Drills & Drivers __Really struggling

    Originally posted by workerbob View Post
    My Makita JR3070 Recip saw destroys anything Milwuakee has out right now. I tried both at the store and even did some speed tests. The Anti vibration technology that the Makita has really works to reduce the vibration. I couldn't believe it until I tried it.
    Good to know. Also good to know is the Makita cordless LXT reciprocating saw is an underpowered piece of junk.


    • Re: Heavy Duty vs Compact Drills & Drivers __Really struggling

      Originally posted by roadrashray View Post
      ......... You jumped into the middle of the great Ridgid 1.5Ah battery controversy throwing opinions in every direction. You jumped on the Ridgid professional dissers bandwagon. You claimed to have made momentous decisions based upon input from those two threads. You're posts indicate an articulate intelligent man. Were you really making decisions from threads that were being run by a couple of professional complainers? Did you notice that the entire responding audiance was approximately twenty by the posts to their own surveys?
      Ouch. That seems like it was a bad day. Glad that I was away on vacation.

      Originally posted by roadrashray View Post
      Did you notice that the largest number of responces to the "battery survey" were from users who were going to keep their drills regardless of the mistakes made by Ridgid?



      • Re: Heavy Duty vs Compact Drills & Drivers __Really struggling

        Originally posted by erngum View Post
        The fact that you are on this forum alone indicates that you have "the gene". So no matter what you get initially, it really does not matter. You WILL end up adding to the arsenal. Resistance is FUTILE. I know this from experience So, you might as well jump in and get your feet wet.

        Here is how I manage my addiction:
        1. Just buy it.
        2. Hide it in the shop.
        3. When tool is sighted by LOML, claim to have had it for months.

        LMAO!!!! Best. Post. Ever.

        Sadly, your honor, I must confess to the crime. I am regrettably a 2nd generation offender. Addiction, it seems, must truely be genetic. I'm sorry to everyone - I've had my addiction so well contained by the 3 steps described, that I never thought anything of it. *sobs* I'm so sorry to my wife and everyone I've hurt. I'll never do it again! *wiping away tears* Unless there's a really great sale again. But that's it, I swear on my mother's grave. No, your honor, she's not dead, but one day she might be. So I've got time to change!