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Wood Drill (set) Choices and Subtle User Issues

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    Re: Wood Drill (set) Choices and Subtle User Issues


    For most things you would do fine with standard 118 degree point high speed (bare) Jobbers length twist drills and especially for the smaller (under 1/2") sizes. Cobalt bits (imports for the most part are &^%) are mostly for drilling alloy steel, cost too much. The black oxide treated ones are good for mild steel but collect chips in brass, aluminum and wood. I would recommend over time having more than one set and using the cheepos for wood and junk work. It's all too easy to bust a small bit and there's no need to use the fancy high cost ones for most simple tasks. You may want to check tool dealers and industrial supply houses to see what they have and get pricing info. I really can't see drilling wood (hard or soft) with anything special other than if you were doing production work and then you would want special carbide tipped bits for that. In such a case here goes the $$$ but they will last far longer given care.
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      Re: Wood Drill (set) Choices and Subtle User Issues

      Thanks for narrowing things a bit and adding detail on some materials. My local Ace Hardware tool person pointed out their section of 'middle quality' twist drills and stated that the Ace brand, Vermont American and Bosch were all from the same source and essentially the same quality drills. Irwin is next to them and just slightly higher in price. Your comment about small size breakage is also a factor and I may be better off buying those individual small sizes in the 2-pack or 4 pack rather than always buying sets and not using several sizes very frequently.
      Finally, some are just not available in local stock so I would need to really understand why they are justified and then order on-line (Irwin Turbomax vs HSS .. for example).

      I agree, most all will get the job done but I feel better knowing a bit more about the reasoning for my choices.

      Tom B