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14" chop saw parts?

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  • 14" chop saw parts?

    hey guys, I let a friend borrow my 14" ridgid metal chop saw and it accidentally fell off his work bench. The handle broke but that was the only damage that I can see. Where can I buy a replacement handle or should I just get a new saw? The saw costs around $150 if I remember right so I would imagine I could get a replacement handle for much less than that. Do you think anything else is messed up? It fell about 4' onto concrete. I don't think it bent the base or anything though....

    Thanks for the help!


    BTW, here's a pic of a saw like mine.... The grip handle used to operate the saw is the one that broke off.

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    Re: 14" chop saw parts?

    Here is one place you can find parts for the Ridgid CM1450.
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