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24v Ridgid size and weights? no displays?

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  • 24v Ridgid size and weights? no displays?

    Hi, I was considering buying the 3 pc. 24v Ridgid kit, but HD has no displays of it at all. I can't tell by looking at a box how big the batteries or tools are? Can anybody tell me how these battieries compare to others in the weight and size department? and same with the the drill. I'm hesitating to buy any Ridgid right now because of the recent price increase of over $100 on this kit? What is with the 3pc kit instead of the normal 4 pc? Thanks

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    Re: 24v Ridgid size and weights? no displays?

    By 3 pc. are you refering to the drill, recip, light, set? The drill and saw and batteries are about the same as the Milwaukee 28V stuff. Ask customer service when they are getting more sets in.
    The 4 pc set that included the circ saw has not been available since late spring. I would wait for xmas and they should have lots of sets with some good sales.


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      Re: 24v Ridgid size and weights? no displays?

      I tossed numbers when I went to 18v Ridgid stuff, but Ridgid 24v batts were just over 2 lbs and Milwaukee V18's just under 2 lbs. They seemed very close in size although no actual measurements were taken.

      A possible benchmark (probably as good as you will see) is $269. for the 3pc set and see if you can twist HD's arm for another 10% ~$242. When you add in the promotional 14.4v Impact Driver, batts and charger, this is a very sweet deal. Have not seen the 4pc set in my area in the same timeframe. The current $387. price seems unrealistic, especially when the Milwaukee V18 set 0824-24P is @ $399. and HD seems open to -10% there as well ~$369.

      Tom B
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        Re: 24v Ridgid size and weights? no displays?

        If you want to get more of a hands on with the tool, just ask. I have done so many times at many different HD stores, both in Canada and in the U.S. If they don't have a display model/set for you to check out, then just ask an orange apron to open the case/box for you, or if it is okay for you to do so. Just explain to them that you're interested in buying it, but you want to check it out hands-on before you buy. Many people feel bad to ask this, but don't - why spend your hard-earned money on something that you aren't allowed to hold in your hands and check out before you fork over the cash? Also, HD is good with the return policies that they have, where you have a fair amount of time to be happy with your purchase, or simply return it for a full refund.

        Yes, like others have said, maybe wait for a sale/special. There should be all sorts of them coming up right around the corner. We've just started to get into a ton of them here in Canada in the last few weeks.


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          Re: 24v Ridgid size and weights? no displays?

          I have both the 18V 4 pc and 24V 4pc. sets. Tools are ALL the same, in so much as I can use the 18V stuff in the 24V tools but not the other way around. The 24V stuff is all MaxSelect Dual voltage, and can use either 18 or 24 volt batt.

          As for battery comparison, they are roughly the same size and dimension, but the 24v batt's are roughly HALF the weight of the 18's. The awesome thing about the 24V is they RUN untill the last second! I mean it is like someone turns off a switch. MAX Power right to the end, whereas the 18V SLOOOOOWLY runs out of juice. Another Handy thing is the built in charge indicator on the battery, Not sure? Just push the button and the LED's light up and indicate power level. VERY Cool!

          Anyone want to buy some used 18V stuff? I am going TOTAL 24V Ridgid!
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