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Dewalt 18V XRP 9 piece set - buy or pass?

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    Re: Dewalt 18V XRP 9 piece set - buy or pass?

    $90 per tool for nicad tools, i can't say i would jump on that it seems just a tad pricy to me, but i also do not like DeWalt either
    9/11/01, never forget.


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      Re: Dewalt 18V XRP 9 piece set - buy or pass?

      Thanks for all the responses.

      I'm still mulling it over as I don't see any great savings or benefit to li-ion tools. I should note that I'm not a fan of buying online, I prefer to shop for tools in person.

      After reading the posts I don't see any reason to pay the extra $20-$30 for another brand (which is what ni-cad tools cost locally).

      The only reason to hold off seems to be the potential of future price drops or to get li-ion. Looking through the board I see a Nano upgrade kit will be sold for $180. Tack that onto the $90/tool price and I'd have a 9 piece kit with 2 ni-cad batteries and a nano for $110 per tool.

      For comparision (and I know its a rough one) the Makita LXT kits work out to about $150 per tool. That has been pretty stable over the last year. There's not much Bosch available and I'm not a big fan of alot of the Ridgid or Milwaukee tools due to their weight.

      Are the price drops likely to be all that big in ni-cad? Also, bearing in mind I'm in Canada am I likely to see much of the new li-ion tools in the near future?


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        Re: Dewalt 18V XRP 9 piece set - buy or pass?

        Well you know it might be a bad way to go because the new 18V Li Ion Nano batteries will fit in the old NiCad tools. So when you need new batteries you have the option of still getting the new technology.


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          Re: Dewalt 18V XRP 9 piece set - buy or pass?

          Thanks for all the responses.

          I'm still mulling it over as I don't see any great savings or benefit to li-ion tools. I should note that I'm not a fan of buying online, I prefer to shop for tools in person.

          You are not buying lithium or nicad tools but rather a difference in how they run and serve you. The Pros here use their tools almost everyday of the week, one battery in a tool and another in the charger constantly. Homeowners like myself bang out a small job here and there, then the tool and battery sit for a few days or weeks. The nicads lose during those down times unlike the lithiums, so when you pick up that drill after a month or more the lithium battery is still ready to go. If you decide to do a good size job at home or for a friend you might want to top off the nicad and with memory problems that hurts the battery, not so with that lithium. The nicads wind down as they lose power giving less and less effort with every pull of the trigger, the lithiums give it their all every time until they truly give out no warning. The lithiums are not without problems as I've learned from reading what all these guys have been generous enough to share. Extreme cold or heat cause problems. They are more expensive and may not give you the same period of service. I think if you could just wait a few more weeks and see what Dewalt offers in a Lithium kit you might do better. I've seen plenty of cordless tools that guys dump simply because the batteries are shot and this is not unique to Dewalt. Not so much with the pros, but there are guys who just get another kit and new batteries wasteful as that may sound. The deals on nicad sets will probably get better and who knows what else may come out in a few weeks. You waited this long, give it a little bit more.


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            Re: Dewalt 18V XRP 9 piece set - buy or pass?

            Originally posted by burnaby View Post
            Here are the details of the set from the HD website:
            Dewalt Heavy-Duty XRP 18V Cordless 9-Tool Combo Kit
            Model: DC9PAKIA
            DC925 XRP™ 18V cordless hammerdrill with DEWALT built high power motor delivers 510 unit watts out for maximum performance in all drilling and fastening applications. DC390 XRP™ 18V circular saw with 6-1/2" 16-tooth carbide blade and rip fence can cut 2 X 4's at a 45 degree angle in a single pass. DC385 XRP™ 18V reciprocating saw with keyless blade clamp allows for quick blade change without touching blade or reciprocating shaft. DW056 XRP™ 18V impact driver with 1,170 in-lbs of maximum torque. DC410 18V cut-off tool with 6,500 rpm provides high power for cutting and grinding applications. DW919 18V flexible floodlight provides hands-free use. DC330 XRP™ 18V variable speed jig saw with all metal lever action keyless blade change. DW059 18V 1/2" High Torque Impact Wrench with 300 ft.-lbs. of maximum torque DC550 18V Cut-out tool with tool-free bit change.
            First of all, you have to be careful just saying $90 per tool. Would you really pay $90 for the flexlight? I did a quick check on Ebay what the individual tools are going for. I didn't even try to get the best price...just looked at the "buy-it-now." Of course, there is individual shipping charges with all these, but they are a good reference point.

            DC925: $95
            DC390: $45
            DC385: $70
            DW056: $80
            DC410: $50
            DW919: $8
            DC330: $110
            DW059: $120
            DC550: $50

            That comes to an total of $628 and an average of $70 per tool. This doesn't include the batteries and charger you would get with the kit, but consider that you might replace them with Lithium anyway and maybe it doesn't look like such a great deal.


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              Re: Dewalt 18V XRP 9 piece set - buy or pass?

              18v makes a good drill for most purposes, a great impact driver light and few other tools, but for any kind of saw or grinder it doesn't work well. Dewalt makes some good stuff, but they are a bit behind the cordless tool race and there is better. There are alot of good prices on cordless sets right now, and 24 or 28v work good for almost all tools. Ridgid 24v is not one of the good priced ones anymore since the price went from $269 back to $379 for the 3pc. That is a joke. The very busy HD store by my house has 5 or 6 of these kits that have some much dust on them you could about gag on the cloud of dust when you move one. I think its time to lower the price Ridgid.


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                Re: Dewalt 18V XRP 9 piece set - buy or pass?

                I'd like to elaborate on the point I was trying to make when showing individual prices on Ebay.

                You should consider buying a smaller set, of tools you think you might often use before buying a huge set. Then, if you see a need for an individual tool, you could always buy a bare new tool off Ebay or maybe Craig's list. You might find you never have a use for that jigsaw or other tool. Reciprocating saws are also known as demolition saws. If you aren't going to be doing much demoing, or possibly tree pruning, they aren't very useful.

                Personally, in order of use, and convenience, here is a rough estimate of my tool use. All of these except the electric screwdriver and right angle impact driver run on Lithium.

                1. Compact drill (sub-4lbs)
                2. Lightweight drill/driver (2.5lbs)(supplanted electric screwdriver.)
                3. High speed Dremel
                4. Reciprocating saw
                5. Large hammer drill (7lbs)(though hammer function is rarely used.)
                6. Grinder/laminate trimmer (bigger motor and bit capacity vs. Dremel.)
                7. Sander (couple of these with two different roughness of papers.)
                8. 1/4" Impact driver
                9. Lawn sprayer
                10. Impact wrench
                11. Flashlight
                12. Hedge trimmer
                13. Hand vacuum
                14. Limb trimmer
                15. Grinder/cutoff
                16. Right angle 1/4" impact driver
                17. Circular saw
                18. Right angle drill
                19. Portable vacuum
                20. Fan
                21. Jigsaw
                22. Buffer
                23. Planer (short blade width makes it very limited in use.)
                24. Electric screwdriver

                I am not a contractor but I do most of the home improvement/fix up jobs around the house myself. I like not having to haul out the extension cords and not having to recharge batteries before a project begins.


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                  Re: Dewalt 18V XRP 9 piece set - buy or pass?

                  I have this big set and I really like it. The only tool in there that I don't like is the cutout tool. I tried it on drywall and it just threw dust everywhere. They're only really good for cutting out perfect circles for speaker boxes and such.

                  The drill, jigsaw, reciprocating saw and impact driver are my favorite. All excellent tools. The circular saw is about average... handy to have but don't think it can replace a corded saw. The impact wrench is the same... nice to have when you go looking for parts in a junkyard, but can't be compared to a pneumatic tool.

                  I also purchased the cordless finish nailer. It's huge and heavy but it's better than carrying a compressor around.