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  • Router Table for Ridgid Router

    I have a new Ridgid Router combo with Fixed and Plunge Bases, Model #2900. I'm looking for a router table to go with this set. I would rather buy than build my own. Is there a router table made by another maker that can be hooked up to this router? Ridgid doesn't appear to make a router table of its own. I heard that Ridgid and Ryobi might be compatible. Anyone know?

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    Re: Router Table for Ridgid Router

    Many of the more popular router tables will work with the Ridgid router. Please don't take this the wrong way but if you're as unfamiliar with routers as it sounds like you might be you might want to take a little drive down to Seattle and have a chat with the folks at the Woodcraft store. I'm sure that they'll be able to point you in the right direction or at at the least give you an idea or two.
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      Re: Router Table for Ridgid Router

      I purchased a "table package" from Rockler ( which consisted of the table top, fence, mounting plate, and associated hardware ($159). The "Package 1" with the "35265" mounting plate will fit the R2900 fixed-based router. (You'd have to remove the handles from the plunge-base in order to use it.)

      I liked the Rockler because it is a pretty good sized table and there are some nice accessories for it, like the 4-piece Accessory Kit, which includes feather-boards for the fence and table, as well as a dust collection shroud.

      There are a couple of other packages that upsize the mounting plate (for larger routers), or even a lift package. These table packages come without a leg set however. So, you'll either have to build one yourself or buy a leg set. I opted to build my own.

      If you intend to do some serious work with the router table, you might also consider picking up the 35174 insert for use with guide bushings ($10.99). A good table guide bushing set (46J92.20 - $24.50) can be purchased Lee-Valley (,51208&ap=1 )

      For in-hand use, Lee-Valley also has a guide-bushing set for use with the router's base plate (46J91.20 - $32.50)
      (,51208&ap=1 )

      (Edit: I forgot to mention, you'll have to drill an additional hole in the mounting plate in order to access the "above table adjustment" feature on the R2900, using the supplied T-handle. I haven't gotten around to doing that to mine yet.)

      I hope this helps,

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        Re: Router Table for Ridgid Router

        I like Benchdog router tables!!!!Great fence!!!
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          Re: Router Table for Ridgid Router

          I'm building Norm's Deluxe Router Station, and I plan on buying a router plate from rockler....they have the 35265 that CWSmith has for $49, and an extra-large for $69? I don't need the extra large for my Ridgid router do I? Any other advantages to the XL other than structural integrity?