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Quality grades of Jacobs drill chucks

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  • Quality grades of Jacobs drill chucks

    Deleted as this was just stupid of me
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    Re: Quality grades of Jacobs drill chucks


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      Re: Quality grades of Jacobs drill chucks

      I've used a lot of Jacobs Chucks in my time, and all have been more than satisfactory. If a Jacobs performs poorly, then it's been subjected to the village idiot, the demise of so many nice tools.
      The European competition is also good, Röhm, etc. Generally the Chinese makes leave something to be desired.


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        Re: Quality grades of Jacobs drill chucks

        I got an education on the quality of the look alike Jacobs chucks, I bought a SDS hammer drill and it has an optional chuck you can put in a SDS to use non sds bits with it, so I looked at the price and said they trying to screw me on the price so I ordered the adaptor and a low cost Jacobs chuck and put it on the adaptor, and went and tried it the chuck literally exploded into many pieces, so I ordered the chuck for $60 that was recommended amazing on how it holds up and the $10 one did not,

        now on a non impact low use situation the $10 dollar one is fine and it is on a nice 4 foot extension, (yes I put it back together) for non impact use. (and for the ladder safety thread I use it when I can, instead of getting knocked off of those ladders).
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