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NOOB question: new gen battery on old gen too?

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  • NOOB question: new gen battery on old gen too?

    I'm just a DIY'er and I don't follow the battery technology for power tools. I have a noob question after reading some of the posts on Li-Ion abd Nano batteries:

    Am I correct that, cost aside, provided that voltage rating and form factor matches, we can use Li-ion or Nino battery on a drill which originally sold with NiCd or NiMh battery?

    To me this is almost a myth ... pls help clarify, thanks!

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    Re: NOOB question: new gen battery on old gen too?

    If voltage, form and connections are the same you can use the newer batteries with older tools. What you can't do is charge the battery with any charger but the correct one that matches the newer battery. Some power tool manufactures are doing a sort of upgrade deal where they sell you a new battery and a new smart charger designed to charge both the newer Li-Ion battery and their older Ni-Cad or Ni-MH batteries. What really matters is that the battery charger must be properly matched to the battery being charged. Please don't go trying to get wild and do any non factory approved changes.


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      Re: NOOB question: new gen battery on old gen too?

      Thanks, Woussko. Clear as sky now. No intention to do anything crazy just want to see what option may be coming up in the future.

      Just yesterday I bought a brand new Makita 12V MForce 2.6ah Ni-mh from eBay for ~$90 shipped ... I felt it is a good deal so I "did not resist" to buy it . Dunno if they would market 12V battery with new technology.. nice if they would, but although I think that it is rather unlikely.

      I have been using a 19.2V "home owner grade" Kawasaki from Costco for 1+ year, it does not have any problem. I recieved a letter this week about a recall, something to do with the NiCd batteries are incompatible with the fast charger. Instead of replacing the batteries, they will replace the charger with a 3-5 hours slowwww boat. I am returning it for a refund...

      I already have PS10 and PS20, and a DeWEalt 235G corded, originally I was tempted to replace the Kawa with a 12V Rigid (purely for its LT warranty), but the Makita for just $90 just seems too good to pass.

      Oh well..... I guess I'm on my way to become some tool-nut .... one side of me told me that I don't need the replacement at all .... coz I also have a DeWalt 9.6V ... just that I've "relocated" it to my 2yr old's toy box... (and I make good use of the case, it is now the home of the 235G )