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  • table saw blade

    its time to replace the ridgid blade on my table saw. anyone got any recommendations for good general purpose and furniture grade blades. anybody know if the Freud blades sold @ HD are the same as the Freud's sold by Amazon? thanks.
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    Re: table saw blade

    HD sells the Diablo line. Amz sells just about all of Freud's lines. The Diablo and Avanti are their entry level. The Industrial line is a step up...with Amz's current 20% "BLDPROMO" code, the Industrial line could actually be cheaper than than HD's Diablo series.

    Depending on what you're after, I'd look into the LU88R010 for the majority of my cuts, and possibly add an LU87 24T ripper for thick materials. Those two blades should cover the vast majority of your needs quite nicely for ~ $64 shipped. The LU88 offers a slightly cleaner cut than most 40 or 50T combo blades like the WWII or LU84, so it'll do better in things like plywood, critical hardwood cuts, veneers, etc., and still offers good versatility. To get much improvement in cut quality you'd have to get into a specialty blade like an 80T Hi-ATB ultrafine blade, but you'll give up alot of versatility and it'll be more prone to burning on rips.

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      Re: table saw blade

      I replaced my Ridgid blade with a Frued Diablo and noticed considerable improvements in cutting quality and even speed.

      I believe the Wood magazine issue that just came out has a review of various saw blades! Maybe checking it out will help too.

      As near as I can tell, the more you spend the better the blade. However, I was very pleased with the Diablo.