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How you store/transport tools

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  • How you store/transport tools

    I myself use a bucket boss system for my electrical tools, A 24" toolbox for my plumbing tools, A crate boss for drywall tools, and a wheeled tool tote with a clamping station lid for my carpentry tools.
    Of all these, the bucket works best for me because I have a bucket for trash(wire scraps, old boxes and connectors, etc) I have a second bucket with outside pockets and stacking bins for my electrical parts(wire nuts, hardware, cable clamps, devices)
    My plumbing parts are in a tote due to the size of some of the drain fittings I carry. This tote also carries the glues and primmers, so in the event of a leak, my tools don't get ruined.
    Power tools are in the original cases.

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    Re: How you store/transport tools

    If the tools came with a box (and I have not yet destroyed it) they travel in that. Other misc. tools tavel in plastic milk crates. Some of them have 1/8 hardboard as a liner to keep small pieces from falling out. Works great for extention cords, too.
    I like this system because;
    1. The crates are free
    2. They stack two high quite nicely in the back of my truck.
    3. They stack nicely in the garage after I get home.
    4. I unload them and stack them 4 or 5 high and use a hand truck to get them where they need to be.
    5. I can line them up in an orderly fashion at whatever jobsite I'm on.
    6. An empty crate makes a nice chair while eating lunch.

    You can't lock them up.

    btw...These crates are awesome for transporting BBQ size propane tanks. Just lay it on its back and tie it down. No more rolling around.
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      Re: How you store/transport tools

      any way I can


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        Re: How you store/transport tools

        Wife carries them.