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Miter cut issues?

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  • Miter cut issues?

    Ridgid miter saw MS1250LZA.

    Another great simpleton issue. However, there is an issue that is probably "me", or possibly 2 "off" miter saws from 2 different manufacturers?

    I initially bought a Ryobi 12" saw, home,...did some straight accross 45dg bevel cuts and they were off by 1/8". I put a square to the blade and the table: at 90dg it was on,..and 45dg (bevel, not miter) it was off 1/8".
    Returned the saw, and bought a more $$ Ridgid model.

    This saw's blade appears to be true. However, when doing a straight cut, 45dg bevel, the cut still comes out a bit off, meaning the cut is not square?
    I am applying a great deal of pressure to the wood,.....yet this is still the case.

    I also notice the 'crappy' laser is not true either. Ofcourse I have adjusted it. Yet when you fire the saw, the laser shows across the cutting surface, you lower the saw, the laser line actually moves! It moves accross the wood a distance maybe 1/4" as you lower the blade! This renders the laser pretty useless,....unless I am really missing something? Fine with using the blade to align,....however this laser movement concerns me?

    I am using a Ridgid finish blade,....not the stock 40tooth blade. Although the cut issues presented with the stock blade.

    With non-square cuts? On 2 different make saws?....I would assume this to be me,....but how hard is it to simply lock the miter at 0, angle the blade at 45dg, and hold the wood tight while making a cut?


    Is there a ?
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    Re: Miter cut issues?

    sadly the ridgid miter saws are not very good either i have the hitichi miter saw and i find it to be very good

    you can pick this up at lowes the othe miter saw that always gets hight reviews is that makita and the bocsh. return the ridgid and get one of these there and you will soon enjoy life again lol. also welcome to the group
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      Re: Miter cut issues?

      Hmmm.....I would like to think that these saws should all be capable of "basic" cuts?

      But,...since I am just learning, I guess I really don't know what to expect.

      If I lock a piece of wood in, against the fence, and set the angles accurately, I would expect the saw to make 'square' cuts?

      Really don't want to return this to HD and go through the whole setup process again,...but?...Maybe I will have to if I cannot get some decent results tonight............



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        Re: Miter cut issues?

        yeah i understand what you are saying but if you research miter saws on this site you won't find many people here that are very happy with the ridgid mither saw and you may not know this but the ridgid miter saw is made by the same people that make the ryobi miter saw.

        also the hitachi saw i have took less the 20 mins to set up(just had to ajust the stops) and the laser is fully ajustable and it has its own power switch and no batterys are needed. not saying you should get that saw just saying you should check it out.
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          Re: Miter cut issues?

          That is unfortunately a known problem with those saws which Ridgid has done nothing to correct for the last few years. You can dig up old discussions here and there are lots of people running into the same problem. I had exactly the same thing happen with the 10" model. Since the Ridgid and Ryobi are made by the same company and are basically the same saw, they inherit the same problems


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            Re: Miter cut issues?

            No Sh*T!


            When I found out my Ryobi was off,....I took a square to the blade and confirmed it,.....went to HD,...and checked the display was off too.
            And "now" I find out that Ridgid and Ryobi are the same?


            So answer me this:
            I am correct in assuming that to make a 'true square' 45dg bevel cut on a miter saw should involve:
            - Firmly seated wood against the base and fence
            - set bevel to 45dg and miter to 0
            - saw board.

            The above should produce a proper square 45dg cut. And these 2 saws (Ridgid and Ryobi) being the same,....are both just "off".

            And a DeWalt or Hitachi or Bosch or Makita would most likely produce the accurate cut?


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              Re: Miter cut issues?

              I have no problems with my Makita at all. Works great and no complaints with anything being "off".
              Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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                Re: Miter cut issues?

                The problem with the Ridgid, Ryobi and also the Craftsman CMS's, all made by the same company, is that they are not so much "off" as they are poorly designed. The tables on these saws have a tendency to flex if the blade head isn't lowered is just the right manner when making a bevel cut. The table flex causes the accuracy of the cut to be thrown off.
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                  Re: Miter cut issues?

                  I have searched the forum and found 'alot' of posts about this exact issue. Also online regarding the Ryobi.

                  Well, much as I could probably learn to 'lower' the arm in the proper manner, I feel that is not what I am paying for.

                  I have enough trouble learning how to do this stuff without having dodgy tools.

                  So, back to HD we go.

                  I can tell people love their Makita's.
                  What about DeWalt?
                  Or Bosch?


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                    Re: Miter cut issues?

                    Dr. Jim

                    Please do look at Bosch and Makita. As for Dewalt their non sliding models get good reviews. If you have the money either a good Bosch or Makita sliding compound miter saw should serve you well for a long time. Most people find the Makita models to be pretty dead true out of the box. Some like the fence on the Bosch better. Regardless you may need to do a little checking and adjustments when new, but then the miter saw should stay true. I personally have an older Delta that's not made anymore and once setup, it's been good. The Ridgid and Ryobi problems need to be addressed and new models made but TTI the parent company seems to be too much about holding down manufacturing costs and not about correcting their goofs. I'm hoping that soon changes.


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                      Re: Miter cut issues?

                      I use the DeWalt professionally every weeks and it was true out of the box and remains true six years later. I have used other brands of saw, but not enough to get "used" to them and the different handle configurations. I am very comfortable with my DeWalt and very comfortable recommending it. I also trust these guys talking about the hitatchi and makita enough to recommend listening to them as well.

                      As far as lasers go, I don't have one and the times I tried one didn't care for it as much as the ol' eye it up method. I seem to be able to get stain grade quality crown cuts out of my saw again and again, week after week this way with this saw.

                      I can't believe I'm getting set in my ways at only 33, but back in my day we didn't have lasers...and keep those kids off my lawn!

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