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Dewalt 12 inch slider issue

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    Re: Dewalt 12 inch slider issue

    Blade? Slider saws are more "sensitive" to blades than others. If the blade tries to pull the cut to one side, the slight play that is necessary in the bearings can allow the cut to drift that way. The fact that sliders do not cut as deep on the blade, yet still cut wider boards adds to this too. A lot of this will depend on what you are trying to cut. Thickness, hardness, and width all contribute.
    You pull the saw back and start the cut, as you push through the cut the blade pulls one way or the other and as you near the end of the cut the bearings force the blade back into it's original line, giving you the curve. A blade with a negative rake to the teeth is far less agressive and with a 10" saw it is tempting to use any blade that fits.
    Also, you might try cutting in 2 passes. Pull back and push only half way into the work piece and push to the back stop. Then lift, pull back and cut to final depth in a second cut.
    I use my 8.5" DeWalt slider everyday in a commercial cabinet shop. I have tried several different blades. The best, so far at least, has been one from FS Tool. Full kerf thick plate blades seem the best. Forrest makes a "ChopMaster" blade specifically for slideing saws that has flat top pull. With the 8.5" there aren't many choices though. With the 10" or 12" you might get by with a triple chip that has less rake. It would be less costly than the slider-specific blade.