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  • Makita LXT

    Is the Makita LXT 18 volt lithium ion drill kit any good ? Thanks

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    Re: Makita LXT

    i know i love there impact driver and i have hared good things about the drill, but i have not herad many good thing at all about there sawzall, and the cricular saw is only so so(also from what i have heard
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      Re: Makita LXT

      I just got the 18 volt drill (non-hammer) and impact driver kit (1/4" hex) for my Bday

      Was on sale at HD for around $279.00... Pretty good deal I thought
      My set is white and black but it kinda grows on me...

      So far I really like the kit. Very sturdy, ergonomically friendly and lots of power (torque). I like that they don't slowly die over time, they just quite like that and it only takes 15 minutes for a full charge. With the two batteries you're never really stuck. The lights are a nice feature as well.

      Would I buy again?
      Sure would
      Cheers! - Jim
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        Re: Makita LXT

        I have the compact LXT drill and impact driver (had to buy them separately though). They have performed excellently. The 1.5 ah compact lithium batteries last as long as any other 1.5 ah battery, but they definitely keep their charge after weeks on the shelf.

        Makita now has two different LXT hammer drills out there now. The latest one seems to be a more compact, slightly less powerful model, so be sure to select based on your needs. In any case, I think you'll be satisfied buying into the LXT line. I've been very happy.



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          Re: Makita LXT

          Thanks guys