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RIKON Bandsaw blade tension issue

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  • RIKON Bandsaw blade tension issue

    I bought the Rikon 10-320 14" standard bandsaw a few months ago and the first thing I noticed is the amount of torque necessary to bring the blade tension up to the guage settings. I've applied some special lubricant bought at Rocklers that doesn't collect dust and dirt, and I've applied it twice to the threaded shaft going into the upper wheel hub. But not only isn't the torque/friction not improving, it is actually getting worse to where I cannot get to the appropriate tension for the blade width.
    I've thought of making an enlarged circular knob to fit over the OEM knob to be able to apply more torque. But being a retired mechanical engineer, I can tell that the threaded shaft and threaded hub are possibly galling and need a complete tear down and application of some really good lubricant to prevent premature failure of this threaded adjustment mechanism. And ignoring the galling and just putting more torque on the mechanism is just going to hasten failure.
    Has anyone else observed the same situation with their Rikon? If so, how did you solve the problem? Or has anyone talked to Rikon about the issue and do they have any advice to offer?
    Or, can anyone recommend a specific lubricant that may alleviate the issue?
    Other than this problem I am very happy with this machine. It is otherwise designed and made well.

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    Re: RIKON Bandsaw blade tension issue

    Call rikon tech support. They are actually pretty good. This might be a common problem that they are aware of...or not, but call them anyway.