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    Tonight I was drilling 1 1/2" holes with my 9" Craftsman DP. I ran the speed as slow as it goes and had a few times where I stopped the motor. Then one time the motor stopped and then started up full speed again, with the chuck remaining stationary. I stopped the machine and the chuck came right off. I expected to see a key in there or something but it wasnt. I put it back in place and gave it a few taps with a hammer and it seems fine.

    I guess theres another reason against benchtop in the discussion going on elsewhere.

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    Re: Craftsman Drill Press

    OA what you describe is a morse taper and that is the way most chucks are mounted (friction, press fit) on most drill presses including free standing or floor models. Sounds like your motor is under size for what you are attempting to drill or for the size you're drilling.

    Some people use a few drops of water or even spit (yes really) when mounting the chuck on a drill press. It causes a small amount of rust which seizes the chuck in place.
    Cheers! - Jim
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      Re: Craftsman Drill Press

      Thank you. I didnt know that. I thought it was just a lower quality design. I know I was overworking it tonight, but its not the first time. This was just some a 1 1/2 Spade bit in 1/2" maple. I didnt have to many problems when I was using a 35mm forstner bit in oak doors last time. Guess I need a bigger DP, eventually.