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  • not enough air

    I have an 26 gal. 155lb Kobalt #215914 portable air compressor. It will only give me 86-89 pounds opf pressure. all looks good; no leaks, spots,etc

    Went to lowes, they told me to bring it in. When I did they told me they can not swap it and to find a repair place. It was a Christmas gift 2005, no recipt. Manufactured in Oct 24, 2005. now they say it can't be covered w/o reciept. it has a two year warrenty?

    Please help me with info to correct the problem.

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    Re: not enough air

    Just got off phone with Coleman and they are making things right. Finnaly spoke with someone(Jim) mwhom showed customer care.


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      Re: not enough air

      Glad to hear you are getting it resolved.

      Most people would be amazed at what can be accomplished with just a phone call to customer service. I know I have been.

      A couple years back, I had a problem with some Hose end sprayers manufactured/sold under the "Swan" brand. I had bought two of them and they leaked from an internal stem seal shortly after using them. No big deal, but I called swan up and asked if they have a ongoing problem with this, they said no and got my name,address etc... A week or so later, UPS/FedEx showed up with large box, there was two 12 pack boxes of them in there.

      I have had similar experiences with other companies as well.

      As far as your air compressor goes, it sounds like the pressure switch to me, if you are only getting the compressor to build up to that much pressure. IF the problem is on the discharge side, I would have to assume the regulator is faulty.



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        Re: not enough air

        I had a simlar probelm with a Lowes Compressor before I switched to Ridgid. Lowes was a PITA and Coleman was impossible to work with and the compressor never worked.

        They make awesome lanterns and tents, horrible compressors.


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          Re: not enough air


          I'm happy to see that you didn't take "No" for an answer and followed through with the necessary phone calls. Many times it's just a matter of getting the word to the right person. Too often it's just a matter of sales people who don't care, but often it's also a matter of them just being powerless and not wanting to admit that you need to talk to someone else. Retail is a PITA no matter what side of the apron you're on.

          I agree Biscuit on his appraisal that it may be the pressure switch. Many of these are factory set and not serviceable, while others can be. But it is an item that you should stay away from if you have no experience with them. The last thing anyone needs to do is set it too high, especially if the safety valve ever fails.

          The other problem may simply be in the compressor itself, leaking internal valve, improper sealing on the piston, etc. Best bet is to let a qualified service person take a look at it. Fortunately you're NOW covered under the warranty and you took the necessary steps to get the service you deserve.