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Which caulk gun?????

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  • Which caulk gun?????

    the Ridgid R84040 is the 18v unit
    the Ridgid R8804 is the dual voltage 18/24v unit

    Since there are no real specifications discussing the speed or torque of the 18v VS 18/24v units. Aside for some possible creature comforts what is the difference between them?

    On E-bay you can find either one.

    My Ridgid tool compliment consists of all 18v dedicated tools. I do have a dual voltage 18/24v impact driver. There are differences between the 18v and dual voltage impact drivers. I'm still not sure which impact driver model I like better.

    So..anyone out there actually using either model caulk gun that can provide some insight?

    I need to decide within a few days

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Which caulk gun?????

    First of all, I have never understood why an electric caulk gun? Isn't there much less control? Isn't this the height of laziness?

    Second, I'd get the dual voltage. You will be switching to 24V.


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      Re: Which caulk gun?????

      There's a whole thread here somewhere on power caulking guns. Plenty of good reasons to buy one there.