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Impact driver

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  • Impact driver

    I just bought the Dewalt DW292K. Anybody have this gun,and how often do you use it? I got a new job installing cedar and redwood swingsets and playgrounds.It is mostly nut and bolt construction,along with some lag bolts ,so an electric impact driver is a huge part of the job.I have 3 days of training under my belt,and it has been good,so far.Not ready to be turned loose by myself,but it will not be long.Any advice on the impact driver is appreciated,i have never owned one before.Thanks

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    Re: Impact driver

    Most corded impacts are very similar and the Dewalt you mentioned at 345ft/lbs max torque it is a beast. Even if the hardware is 1/2" with washers you can do damage if you don't know when to let off. Have a hand wrench or 1/2" ratchet with appropriate socket handy so you can check how tight things are getting. Good way to start is use the gun to run the nut down till it stops then count in your head one two three and stop, the longer you hold that trigger the more it's gonna tighten. You could end up splitting the wood if you get careless. You just have to get used to the tool, very simple and a real work saver! I would suggest an 18volt impact tool for most of your lag work if you have a place to operate a charger and switch batteries. If you don't have them yet, invest in some good six point impact sockets, the twelve points can easily round off the nuts or break. If you are using four point nuts there are four point sockets available.


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      Re: Impact driver

      The Dewalt is great, so far. There is a certain sound they make when the bolt is tight,it took me a couple days to really hear it, but i got it now. I'll attach a few pics to show y'all what we're building.


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        Re: Impact driver

        Holy Cow! Those aren't swing sets, they're obstacle courses! Enjoy the new Dewalt.