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Where to buy a Herc U Lift?

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  • Where to buy a Herc U Lift?

    Need some mobile bases for my bandsaw and something for my drill press and jointer.

    I see where HD has sold them in the past, do they still sell them in the stores?

    I have tried to get one via but I get an error when I try to click on the item to purchase. Have not tried to call on the phone yet.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Where to buy a Herc U Lift?


    Welcome to the forum!

    Regarding the Herc-U-Lift II, it appears that they are no longer available through Home Depot. If you've tried the Ridgid parts site and get an error, I might try to give them a call, just to make sure.

    Over the last three or four years, they have come and gone at Home Depot at least twice. The last time, a little over a year ago, there was some discussion as to a price drop from $70 or so, down to around $36. A few inquiries with the local store showed no knowledge and no inventory. Then out of the blue, they got about a dozen or so and soon those were marked down to about $16. They went very fast!

    From my skewed perspective, Home Depot all too often doesn't have a clue as to what it has in the warehouse and or how to market it. So it appears that at some point, these "forgotten" products show up as "slow-movers" and Home Depot decides to drop them from their product list. They mark down the price and issue a "clearance" and then they fly out the door! It appears to me, that these items are almost totally unknown up to the point that they are "cleared".

    While this is total speculation on my part, it's seems to be a logical explanation on several products that I've seen over the last few years. First they're unknown to the store, and then they have them on clearance, and then they're gone! I love it... just keep some cash on hand and some money set aside and you'll pick up some real bargains.

    Hopefully these things will once again appear, as they are a great design and even at $70 or so, they're a good buy. Just takes a "head" at Home Depot who knows what they're doing and can handle some basic merchandizing... Well, all things considered, maybe they won't be back!



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      Re: Where to buy a Herc U Lift?

      I have one that I can sell. I bought it before the EXTREME clearance (14 bux? 16 bux? something like that), I believe I paid 79 for it. I opened it and attempted to use it, but it wouldnt work for my situation. As such, its open without a box.

      Send me a private message if you are interested.....I will let it go for something less than I paid for it, because its open (everything should be there though). Im located in CT, and its a little heavy, but if you are interested we can probably work something out.