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12" mitre saw (R4121) and right 45 degree bevel cut

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  • 12" mitre saw (R4121) and right 45 degree bevel cut

    Hi all;

    Within the last couple of weeks I purchased the new Ridgid 12" dual bevel compount mitre saw (R4121). I used it for the first time a couple of days ago and had issue cutting a right 45 degree bevel (...mitre at 0 degree). The issue is this --- no matter how the adjustable fence is set (fully extended or otherwise), the motor doesn't clear the fence at a right 45 degree bevel (...keeps bumping into the fence).

    Not to my knowledge am I aware that you can remove the fence (...and even if you could, I would think that you "shouldn't" have to).

    Anyone else have this issue? Any recommendations?

    On a positive note --- purchase of this saw came with the MSUV (Mitre Saw Utility Vehicle, mitre saw stand). The stand is GREAT, love it.



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    Re: 12" mitre saw (R4121) and right 45 degree bevel cut

    The fence (sliding top part) comes off to allow for all cuts. Or you should be bale to just slide it way out and try the cut. Once you get to know how the two sliding side pieces come in / out it is a very quickly done.


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      Re: 12" mitre saw (R4121) and right 45 degree bevel cut

      Maitha I couldn't find the manual online for your new saw but the old manual (with the same fences) says this ->

      Sliding Fence
      When beveling the blade to the left or
      right fence may have to be repositioned.
      Loosen the fence locking knob and slide
      the fence to the left or right as needed.
      Adjust the fence as close to the guard and
      link as possible to provide maximum support
      for the workpiece. Securely tighten
      knob and make a dry run with the saw off
      to check for clearance between the fence
      and guard. On certain extreme compound
      cuts it may be necessary to remove a sliding
      fence to avoid interference. After completing
      bevel cut(s) remember to replace
      and/or slide the fence back.

      Like Roger says, either all the way out or off...
      Cheers! - Jim
      All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. - Schopenhauer


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        Re: 12" mitre saw (R4121) and right 45 degree bevel cut

        Hi all;

        Finally figured it out (...although undocumented).

        In order to remove the fence --- with the fence closed, loosen the fence screw and simply lift the fence vertically straight up/out.

        I had been trying to extend the fence, and thought it might come out that way.

        Maybe was obvious to some, but to the best of my knowledge it is undocumented in the manual how to remove the fence.