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New 24v H-D -- HEAVY

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    Re: New 24v H-D -- HEAVY

    Originally posted by Quantum View Post
    And what's the weird fold-out thing toward the front for?
    Be careful. That tool free fold out adjuster can vibrate loose. Then the shoe height slides whereever. Worse, the lever can then fall off (ask me how I know) and the little pin that retains it will then slide out. Good luck finding the black pin when it does. I put a velcro strap around mine to keep this from happening.

    The blades are universal. Watch out for some of the cheap thin blades with dull...or quick to dull teeth. They flop all over and bend easily. A great pruning blade is the Skil Ugly Blade (teeth look just like a manual pruning saw.) Bosch makes a wood blade with HUGE teeth that is terrible. The big teeth have too much bite so the blade keeps catching. Definitely get some bi-metal blades for ripping through wood-nails...etc.
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      Re: New 24v H-D -- HEAVY

      The "compact" 18 volt lithium isn't a hammer drill so if you need to drill into stone or concrete it isn't going to be the drill you want. The regular 18 volt hammer drill weighs about the same as the 24 volt model.

      The battery life will also be considerably less with the compact 18 volt drill. It comes with 1.5Ah batteries. 1.5x18=27 Watt-hrs. 3x24=72 Watt-hrs.


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        Re: New 24v H-D -- HEAVY

        Thanks. I saw a blade at HD called "Ax", which sounds like the Bosch. I do need a pruning blade so will look for the Ugly. And good to know about the flimsy ones. Yikes, that shoe-release design sounds flawed. Maybe should have swung up, or had a click-detent.

        For work I need blades with more teeth than for wood, to cut ICF plastic webbing. It'll also be used for foam and a few other things so again not course is good. I'm thinking that for all-around versitility, a metal-cutting blade with courser teeth would be best?

        I'm sticking with 24v. Been experimenting ('playing') with this recip-saw and hammer-drill, and am quite sure I'll buy the dual-voltage impact driver.


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          Re: New 24v H-D -- HEAVY

          Hey man, The Ugly is niice!

          Long and sturdy enough, and chews through firewood like I'd have hoped. And it's Swiss-made!

          Looked for 10tpi bimetals, but the only ones I trusted are Milwaukee. Trouble is they only come in 5 pack. Maybe next month.


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            Re: New 24v H-D -- HEAVY

            Ugly is a beast. It cuts through limbs about as fast as my chainsaw...probably because it doesn't have to remove so much material.

            I bought a Bosch multi-pack with a few different bi-metal blades and some others...think that might have been where I got those atrocious Wood ones. The bi-metal stuff works great. Used it to chop through some built in metal fixtures...cut up some copper pipes...etc.