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Questions about 24V Lithium Ion Drill?

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    Re: Questions about 24V Lithium Ion Drill?

    Originally posted by roadrashray View Post
    On many of these threads we have a tendency to get off into the minutia of the manufacturers specifications of tools.......While all this stuff has some amount of meaning, in my opinion the most important criteria is the usability of the tool.
    Good posting.

    In a forum about tools, you have to expect discussion around specifications and the like. Having said that, I agree with you that it comes down to usability. Does the tool "fit" your purpose?

    In the case of the "compact" Ridgid drill, it wasn't a fit for me because of the battery capacity. If I hadn't already had a couple lighter weight drills it might have been.

    In your case it was a perfect more reason for there being so many different drills of different sizes and power levels out there.


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      Re: Questions about 24V Lithium Ion Drill?

      Originally posted by Disaster View Post
      Call it "sales pitch" but power IS what matters and UWO is power. Archimedes said, "Give me a long enough lever and I can lift the world." He should have added....Veryyyy slowwwwly. Torque, without power equals slowwwwww speed. Gearing a drill down for torque is moronic and only used to SELL drills with "high torque." It is better to have a drill with torque at working speeds. It is unfortunate that more companies don't use the power rating. It is more useful.

      Well said!

      I would like to see a permanent thread with this comment.
      Everyone could refer to this thread for answers on power ratings.

      Everyone should understand this philosophy on power and torque as it relates tools.

      Here is my vote.