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Ridgid Band Saw Problems

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  • Ridgid Band Saw Problems

    I have the Ridgid Band saw and it has been working really well. It stands up to my Jr. High woodshop class.

    Recently, however, the tire on the lower wheel has been unseating itself from its track when in use. This throws off the alignment of the blade and acurate cuts cannot be made. I took of the wheel, and the tire, checked both for cracks or damage and found none. After reassembling, I notice that when the saw is running, a small air gap develops just at about 2:00 on the wheel, as if the tire is too loose. But then when the power is off, it feels snug.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?


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    Re: Ridgid Band Saw Problems

    If the BS has seen quite a bit of use then it's probably just time to replace the tires.
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      Re: Ridgid Band Saw Problems

      It really hasn't seen too much use. It is less than 1 year old, it has maybe less than 50 hours of work time on it.

      The tires look barely worn.

      But, I will try replacing them, thanks.


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        Re: Ridgid Band Saw Problems

        The urethane tires really are worth the $ difference. They are more consistant as far as thickness and don't require truing after installation. They don't get glued on either, just stretch.