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Ridgid shop vac question?

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  • Ridgid shop vac question?

    I know this seems question lame. I just bought the Clearvue mini cyclone. Right now I have the 9 amp. Ridgid shopvac. They call it 3.5hp. It has pretty good suction, but I've never tried the 12 amp. 6.5 hp model.
    My question is... Does the 12 amp vac have substantially more suction than the one I have now. If it does I want it.
    One more thing... If I do get the 6.5 hp vac, any recommendations on which one. The detachable blower model, or the pro series vac.
    I haven't tried the mini cyclone yet. I want to paint the mdf first.
    Thanks Shawn.

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    Re: Ridgid shop vac question?

    The detachable blower model has had problems. The ProVac series are much better made. Will you mostly want lots of air flow though larger size attachments and hose or do you want high velocity through smaller attachments. The reason I'm asking is that the models in the Pro series with 2 fan stages are great when velocity over total air flow matters. The larger 14 and 16 gallon ProVac single stage models are great for wood chips and such when used with the 2-1/2" OD hose and attachments. Do keep away from the BlowerVac model.

    Take a good look at these first: WD1450 (14 gallon), WD1850 (16 gallon), WD1950 (16 gallon with SS drum)