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    Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries

    Buying kits on clearance, and breaking them up, is typically how it is done. I have done it myself a number of times. For example, I wanted a couple extra Ridgid 24 volt batteries but they are virtually unavailable to buy alone. I just bought a kit on sale and sold the drill, reciprocating saw, circular saw and charger. After the selling all the other stuff, the batteries were nearly free. Similarly I upgraded from MaxHC to Max2.5 batteries by purchasing a kit with the 2.5's in it and selling my MaxHC's on Ebay.

    As far as getting 2 year old batteries is concerned...I think you have to expect things like that when you purchase from Ebay. It is definitely a "Caveat Emptor" kind of place.

    When I'm sold clearance kits I clearly stated in the auction that they were kits I had bought and was parting out so the buyers would know I wasn't offering any warranty. Ebay even has a special category you can pick for (new/no box) specifically for people who part out kits like this. If I'm selling the batteries I don't check the part dates (not even sure how) but I do check that they take a normal charge cycle and run a tool.

    I realize that I am giving up a warranty when I buy stuff off Ebay, but the savings often makes it worth it.


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      Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries

      Hmm, I checked the seller again and no more 14.4 batteries for sale. She said she had hundreds. Maybe DeWalt got on their case and they pulled all the old batteries? 18's are still for sale though.

      Congratulations to Mr. "the sky is falling" Al Gore, nominated the new Village Idiot!