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Got ripped on 2 batteries

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  • Got ripped on 2 batteries

    Just wanted to give a little advise when it comes to buying replacement batteries for your cordless tools.

    I was in need of atleast one new 14.4V Dewalt battery. In the past, i've had good luck on eBay for about half price. I also used to get fresh batteries at the swap meet from a guy who sold Dewalt there.

    I checked ebay and one seller had a ton of "pairs" of 14.4 batteries. I ended up winning a pair and paid and they arrived today.
    In the auction he stated "new" and from "new kits". It's not uncommon for re-sellers to split up kits and sell seperately.

    I was all jazzed to get two new batteries for about half the HD or Lowes price. Only problem was they are 21 MONTHS old! Dewalt has the date of manufacture molded into the battery case where it meets the tool. It looks like this. 200XXX

    The forth didgit will be the year. The fifth and sixth is the number of weeks into that year. Both of mine were dated 200614. Mid March of '06. Soooo, they've been sitting in a warehouse for just shy of TWO STINKING YEARS and are now being pawned off to unknowing buyers.

    I called the Dewalt service center and asked their opinion. He said they "should" be ok but since they are already 2 years old, not to expect them to last too long.

    I have emailed the seller and am awaiting an answer. He states that he accepts returns but the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. So, even if I get my money back, i'm still out $25 on 2 shipping charges. Might have to contest it through Paypal if he stiffs me on the shipping. 21 months is NOT "new" in my book.

    Oddly enough, this is about my first "bad" experience on eBay. Bought a lot of stuff and sold tons too.

    Word to the wise, check the date codes before buying seperate batteries!!!! I don't care who's they are or what they fit.

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    Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries

    About how much was your total cost for the 2 batteries? If you got a great deal, you might try this and I bet they will be fine provided they were stored in a cool place.

    1. Fully charge up both batteries
    2. Put each to use as normal and be sure that over a few days they get run down to where the tool starts to get sluggish, but then stop.
    3. After a few minutes to cool put battery in charger.
    4. Charge, discharge and recharge both batteries 4 or 5 times in one week.

    I know that's lots of using a tool, but you can also use the work light. You need to be sure you do not run the batteries way down. When a tool starts to slow down or the light starts to get dim, STOP and remove the battery. After a few minutes of rest, put it in the charger.

    If you went to a dealer like Home Depot or Lowes my bet is you won't find any really new Dewalt 14.4 Volt batteries if they have any at all in stock. Ni-Cad cells store fine as long as they never were charged and never were in a hot place for long. The trick is to exercise them well during the first week and then keep them busy. Once charged up then need to work and not be allowed to sit for weeks without getting used. It's good to cycle a battery once a week if it's not being worked hard as a contractor would use it.

    Now if you paid some good money for them and the seller has an attitude then yes dispute things. Two years old is not new. If you got them for a nice price then please try the above. Sending things back and paying shipping both ways is a PITA.

    Special note: Dewalt used to make a special charger for this battery that had a special Restore button. It gave the battery a special longer charge which helped when a battery wasn't used for a long time. Does your charger have a little yellow push button on it? If your original was recalled the replacements had this feature. DW9116 is the good charger and it works with 7.2 - 18 Volt Dewalt Ni-Cad batteries. My batteries I use are DW9091 in 14.4 Volts. If you have several Dewalt tools from 7.2 to 18 Volts that use their older Ni-Cad batteries you would do well to get a mint condition DW9091 super charger. It works very well. The super charge button is on the top front area and a little left of center. It's marked so you can't miss it. The super charge takes several hours. Leave battery in charger until the light stops blinking.
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      Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries

      Man, that was kind of lousy on the sellers part. I too have bought and sold a ton of stuff on there, and have had virtually no problems. I also have to agree 2 years old is NOT NEW, so you may have a leg to stand on with that arguement. Make sure that you reference that in your feedback so that no one else will fall victim to this guy. You may also consider reporting any other "NEW battery" auction listings that he currently has on there since the listing is misleading and/or fraudulent. Good luck with everything. Let us know how it turns out.


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        Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries

        Originally posted by The Wood Meister View Post

        Dewalt has the date of manufacture molded into the battery case where it meets the tool. It looks like this. 200XXX

        The forth didgit will be the year. The fifth and sixth is the number of weeks into that year. Both of mine were dated 200614. Mid March of '06.

        Hey Mark and All!!

        Do you guys know how to identify the same date data in other brands like Ridgid, Makita and others.

        Best from



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          Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries

          Wood Meister

          Did the add say they were new batteries, or that they were in new condition and never used? There is what's known as NOS meaning new old stock. That means something has been sitting around but that it hasn't been used. The problem with opening an eBay dispute is that you have to be sure the seller did in fact lie about the item(s) being sold. The words "like new or new condition" don't need to mean the item is brand new and just purchased. If there's only the word NEW in the listing then you could argue that the seller did lie and that he/she should issue a total refund. I do know that may mail order catalog dealers and online dealers flat out refuse to cover return shipping no matter what. They put it in their catalog or web site and a buyer must agree or simply not buy from that dealer. The bottom line is that sellers have far more rights than buyers do. Customers are always the victims of getting a good ripping off. Think of how many manufactures knowingly sell bad products.

          The Great Love Of Money Is The Root Of Much Evil

          Good luck with this and please keep us updated.


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            Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries

            Woussko.... I may try the charging thing IF I get stuck with these. I really don't want them now.
            I have the "tune up" chargers (6 of them! LOL) but have not seen any such charger like you mention. I usually use my 14.4's daily but my 18's much less often.

            In the auction, he states SEVEN times "NEW" or "BRAND NEW, with warranty" Well, the Dewalt warranty is used 2 ways, one WITH a receipt and one WITHOUT a receipt.
            If you have a receipt from an "authorized seller", the warranty starts from the date on the receipt. If you do NOT have any receipt from an "authorized seller/dealer", they go by the date of manufacture. In my case, on batteries, they have a one year warranty, which expired 9 months ago!

            EDIT:.............. I did some more reading on the auction page and he "claims" to be an "authorized Dewalt retailer". Hmmmm. I also did more reading on the Dewalt site and do not see batteries excluded from the 3 year warranty. I may have to call the service center again and see if my auction page copy and paypal copy will work as a receipt...........and take them back to the SS for an exchange. I also have a buddy who's brother is one of the Dewalt exec's and i'm going to see if I can call his brother and get a "real" opinion on the batteries and the lack of honesty of the seller.

            They may indeed be fine, but I don't like starting out 2 years old.

            Here is the actual auction. clicky here.......
            I got them at a good price considering they sell for 70 bucks each at HD and Lowes.
            I'm still waiting on a reply. Hopefully, he will own up to passing off very old stuff and make it right, or atleast cut me some slack on the price since for all intents and purposes, they are half used up even though never used.

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              Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries

              I picked one of his other auctions and e-mailed him a question...


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                Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries


                He should give a partial refund if you keep them and a full refund if you send them back. In addition a seller using deceptive listings is not allowed on eBay. You would do well to report him/her to eBay and state why. Did you use the "Request Contact Information" in eBay so you can call him/her as needed? That's a sort of last resort but it might help him/her know you do mean business.

                This is in the listing and should save you some grief. If seller refuses to make right, then by all means open up a dispute.

                Seller: Return Policy:
                * 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
                * Please contact us before returning an item to obtain an RMA#
                * Buyer is responsible for all shipping fees
                * Returns must be received 30 days after the item is received

                The seller's shipping fees are kind of high considering a Flat Rate Priority Mail box is $9.60 including delivery confirmation as long as you're in the 48 main states which both of you are. Anything that fits in the flat rate box is the same price at the post office. UPS for 2 batteries would be less and includes tracking. If you do return them be sure to get signature required shipping. That way this seller can't pull the "We never received your box" B S with you.

                I had it in mind this was a private person selling some Dewalt batteries. I now see this is the kind of seller that makes more in a week than I will over a lifetime. GRRRRRR to such pulling games.
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                  Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries

                  Originally posted by Orange Apron View Post
                  I picked one of his other auctions and e-mailed him a question...

                  LOL, I'd be surprised if he responds. I've gone through this before buying cell phone batteries on eBay. I insist on a "fresh" date code of not less than a month or 2 old for phones.

                  It's now almost dinner time and still no word back. My buddy suggested that I call the service center, hmmmm, already did. Not getting a good feeling on this deal.

                  I guess I could put them back on eBay with one of my many chargers and get my money back but that really isn't my style to screw someone else. Sigh!
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                    Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries


                    Don't write him off yet. He has an excellent rating (98.6%) with over 20,000 transactions. Give him time to respond.

                    He states 100% customer satisfaction.

                    You are not satisfied; he should make it right by refunding your money or exchanging for newer batteries.


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                      Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries

                      I'll wait till Monday before making any more decisions.
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                        Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries

                        This seller may only operate on week days. I would hang in there a few days and see if you get a reply. In a worst case where you do list them for sale, be sure to use USED for condition, NOS meaning new old stock, and AS IS stating they have been sitting but haven't been used. You might allow returns if totally DOA but otherwise no return allowed. I would try calling your buddy that works for Dewalt and also you might contact customer support at 1-800-433-9258 and try to get someone in tech support. You paid less than 1/2 of new and if they work out for a few years then you didn't do too bad. If you do not get a reply from the seller click on HELP when logged on eBay and type in request contact information in the help box. There's a way you should be able to both send the seller your contact info and receive what they have on file with eBay. If it comes back trashed then by all means open a dispute after a few days stating that NEW in this case is not new.

                        Good luck and please keep us updated. For now I would wait a few days and see what happens.

                        UPDATE: This may help you out TWM, I bet it's the same company -
                        Socal Tools
                        28351 Constellation Road
                        Valencia, CA 91355
                        (661) 775-9075

                        Here is my charger. This is the one I use and have had very good results with for all of my Dewalt Ni-Cad batteries.
                        I like that it will charge many different Dewalt battery packs. What a PITA some companies make it where you end up having a shelf with lots of chargers and have to mark them which battery they are for.

                        General info on Dewalt chargers:
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                          Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries

                          TWM, ouch buddy. I too agree with your assessment, after reading that auction. He makes it seem, by showing the warranty timelines, that these batteries are within the terms, therefore not 21 months old. I also recommend waiting until into the week, due to this being more of a business selling these, rather than a weekend hobbyist - I'd wait until first thing on Tuesday.

                          I also sell and buy tons of stuff on eBay, and his listing made it seem like exactly what you were expecting. HOWEVER, buyer beware - I can't help but say that if you knew about the manufacturing date coding, you should have messaged him and asked him to state what they would be stamped with. That being said, his listing is still slightly deceptive with this.

                          Don't be afraid to CALL PayPal, and use their resources to your benefit.

                          Keep us updated.


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                            Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries

                            Well, I emailed on Friday and it's now Monday 2 pm. Time to give them a call.

                            Well, after 4 calls, I got a call back. Bottom line............Yea, I got screwed,,,,,,tooo bad!

                            Their stand is the batteries have NOT been used/charged since they were made, all be it, 21 months ago, so they are, according to them, "brand new". They claim they are a legit DeWalt retailer, along with Makita and a few others. They state that the battery warranty is good from the DATE OF SALE, since they are an authorized retailer. If they fail, I can return them to their company (my 8 bucks shipping each way) OR return them to my DeWalt service center, which is not "that" far away from me here in Phoenix.

                            When I pressed them on where they get them, she said "right from DeWalt". She said they have HUNDREDS of them, all with the same "date of manufacture" that they are taking from kits and selling seperately.
                            Hmmm, that does not make me too happy either, knowing that Dewalt is passing them on for cheap to some company to unload them on un-suspecting buyers. Their bottom line is "You got a very good deal on 2 batteries"!!! Well, yea, kinda sorta, if I had really wanted 2 year old batteries to begin with! I can return them and get my money back, but the shipping will be a total of $21 down the drain. So, I guess they are mine!

                            I called the service center again and the warranty on XRP yellow/black batteries is 2 years. All black is 1 year. Soooo, I guess I did get a "fair" deal on 2 half worn out batteries for half the price of new. (sigh)

                            I do have a call in to my friends brother who is one of the big guys at DeWalt and want to get the scoop from him on what's going on and to pass this sellers name onto him.

                            Sooo, the batteries are on the charger and I will definetly keep the auction page handy for warranty.
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                              Re: Got ripped on 2 batteries

                              Keywords: Unopened New Old Stock come to mind ... They are old but they are new in that they aren't used.