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  • Laser Ajustment

    Does anybody know what they mean when they say that the laser is adjustable? I bought a MS1290LZ1 miter saw, with the laser and cart, but I didn't see anything in the manual about being able to adjust the laser line, it is off to the right of the cut. But it is fastened to blade and I can't see how you could put it on the cut, as the blade is in the way. I have seen ads that claim an adjustable laser line. Thanks.

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    Re: Laser Ajustment

    I've never used my laser, since its never been close to the markings either. I have the R4121 and the laser is an 1/8" off from the marking. I was going to get this taken care of, but I like to see exactly where I'm placing my cut. Also the laser is no good outside, only indoors or in the dark. I work with the saw outside 99% of the time, so I cannot see the laser, only on a very cloudy day. My laser is not an adjustable laser, but I can replace it with another brand. No big deal to me....

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