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Need help with shop-vac filter

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  • Need help with shop-vac filter

    Have RIDGID filter sizes changed?

    The reason I'm asking is that the standard replacement filter (VF4000) I bought at Home Depot yesterday doesn't fit my 5-year-old shop vac (WD 0800 0), a 3.25 HP, 8-gallon model.

    It's a shade to tall for the motor-cage assembly; I can't get the plastic threads to protrude through the cap so i can screw on the plastic bolt.

    I'm I doing something wrong?


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    Re: Need help with shop-vac filter

    They did change the design and you need the new style end cap. Try taking the old filter to a big SEARS store as Craftsman vacs use the same filters and they may well have some of the older style in stock. If you can't find any, call up Ridgid customer service and get the new end cap for the filter. I think this was done to frustrate people into buying a new vac. I can't see anything wrong with the older design.

    By the way there have been several other members with this same problem so you're not alone.