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I need a good 1 1/4" hose for my vac

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  • I need a good 1 1/4" hose for my vac

    I use a one and a quarter inch hose on my vac for tool dust collection on various tools and bought the ridgid one from home depot. I have found it is pretty weak and has crushed like crazy. It now collapses in three or four places where it has taken a beating. The short piece I added on from my old dewalt battery vac is strong and flexable and crush proof. This is what I want.

    Anyone have advice on a good, heavy duty, preferably decent length 2-1/2" to 1 -1/4" hose for this type of use? It will get beat on, dragged around, caught on ladders, under ladders, somehow--don't ask me cuz I don't know--intertwined in the legs of ladders etc.
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    Re: I need a good 1 1/4" hose for my vac

    i found that pool vac. hoses are great for a variety of things. i use them for emergency sump discharge lines, flooded basements, and even for my shop vacs.

    they come in 25- 50' lengths. they do sell repair ends, so you could cut and shorten them.

    check with a pool man for a sample or a pool supply yard.

    i think you will like the strength and fact they don't crush.

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      Re: I need a good 1 1/4" hose for my vac

      Ridgid sells two versions...a solid black one which is pretty weak and a yellow and black one which is much sturdier. Which one did you have problems with? I've been pretty happy with the heavier one. Wish I hadn't wasted my money on the solid black one.


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        Re: I need a good 1 1/4" hose for my vac

        Try clicking the link and taking advantage of this special deal. Please note all the fittings that come with this kit. It will work with most Ridgid drum style vacs very well. Considering all you get for the price it's hard to pass it up. This is only on their web site and not in stores at this time. I got it and am very glad I did. The 10 foot hose is real nice for cleaning the car or stairway.

        Pool vac hose is good and another source for good 1-1/4" quality hose is dealers that sell central vacuum systems. Normally they have it as 50 foot coils of just the hose and then they have cuffs to screw on the ends. Most will cut to the length you want. I recommend hoses over 10 feet only be used on vacs with 2 or 3 stage fans and super power motors in them.
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          Re: I need a good 1 1/4" hose for my vac

          When I became dissatisfied with the stiffness of the 1¼" hose that came with my ShopVac I went to my local store that specializes in vacuum sales. I had them cut off the two ends of the standard hose and reattach those ends to some very flexible 1¼" hose that they sell. I had them make me up a 15' length of hose that enabled me to freely move around the shop with my sander without having to move the vac around.
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