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Demand Ridgid Support For Accessories And Parts

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    Re: Demand Ridgid Support For Accessories And Parts

    This is the real world! No grammy's here! That was a nice speech and all.... but that was a load of CRAP! Plumbing tools, ok I won't argue with you there. However they let a Chinese company take a entity, or division, or whatever you want to call it, and destory a brand name!!!!!!! If they (TTI) want's to compete at a pro level, then they need to Amplify there Milwaukee line, and lower the price of the Ridgid, and keep Ryobi at a slightly lower price point, and compete with Firestorm, and Chicago electic.

    There is 3 classes for tools in my opinion!

    1- Consumer

    2- Tradesman

    3- Pro

    TTI is trying to market two brands at the Pro level. Lower the price even further on Ridgid to play the tradesman role, and "amp up Milwaukee"

    Just my opinion here!