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Need advice on a drill press

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  • Need advice on a drill press

    I am starting to look for a drill press.
    I do make pens but I can see this drill being used for a lot of different things.

    I might be able to get my hands on an older, gray model Ridgid Drill Press.
    How do these drill presses rate against the newer orange ones?

    And will this drill press have enough of a spindle stroke to make pens?

    If this is not a good drill press for me, which would you reccomend and why?

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    Re: Need advice on a drill press

    This is off topic, but my guess is you will make your pens on a lathe,
    but one can do a lot of drilling on a lathe if necessary, the bit is held in the tail stock and the body is spun that is being drilled, or one could probly make a table on the tail stock and leave the item stationary and spin the bit in the head stock,

    The only restraints then are the length of the bed and the length of the bit, (and of course swing of the machine, but it may make up for length of a drill press stroke, if necessary on some projects. (uslay if I want some thing good and centered I will drill it on the lathe instead of the press any way. (it is not guaranteed straight but the chances are better than on a press on cylindrical objects IMO).
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