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TS 3650 Fence alignment

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  • TS 3650 Fence alignment

    I am setting up my new saw, the directions tell me to set the front rail at 7 1/8" to the right end of the saw. However when I do this the actual distance from the fence to the blade is larger then 7 1/8", it seems that it is almost 1/2" off, (larger). Is there another way to line this up. I could see if I was off by an 1/8 or so, but there seems to be something severely wrong at this point.



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    Re: TS 3650 Fence alignment

    I had the same problem with mine. Moved the front rail over to the left 1/2" or so and now it cuts correct with the alignment of the scale on the rail. Maybe we both read their directions wrong?????
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      Re: TS 3650 Fence alignment

      The plastic magnifying pieces on both sides of the fence are adjustable from R to L. Move it until the measurement of 7-1/8" is correct.
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