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Hitache C10FL, 10 Table Saw

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  • Hitache C10FL, 10 Table Saw

    I purchased a used Hitache C10FL 10 Table Saw and a Delta 14" band saw two days ago both looked as if they had not been used much at all I mean the cast iron is still nice and shiny. Got both for a great price.
    My question is it seems the Hitache can run on 110 or 220 single ph. Is there an advantage other than half the amperage? Would motor run cooler and maybe last longer and would it have more power etc..

    Thanks for any comments,


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    Re: Hitache C10FL, 10 Table Saw

    220v and 110v (aka 240v and 120v) have the same theoretical capabilities to a motor...the motor can't tell as longs as both circuits are adequate. If you've got 220v, there's no downside and it might help IF your 110v circuit is sub-par or is used for things other than your saw that prevent it from providing full power. There also tends to be less voltage loss with 220v....especially with long lines. You'll get no additional power from 220v, but are more likely to give the saw what it needs...if it's been starved for adequate power on a weak 110v line, 220v may seem like more power.

    If you don't have 220v, and your 110v circuit is capable, I wouldn't bother. But if your lights are dimming or the saw is slow to power up, it's worth considering.

    Get those saws aligned well, wax the tops and the rails, and get a good blade or two.