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  • Ridgid Worklight

    Does anyone know if the filament in the Ridgid worklight (the one that came with the 24v lithium kit) actually breaks when the bulb is burned out? My worklight suddenly stopped working, even though the battery is good. The filament in the bulb is not broken and looks fine. I was not able to find another bulb at the auto parts store, so I thought I would ask before I buy some from Ridgid. Also, does anyone know the cost of these bulbs from Ridgid? I'm sure shipping is outrageous. Thanks!

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    Re: Ridgid Worklight

    Your filament could be broken even if it looks like it's not, hold the bulb and give it a "ping" with a finger and watch the filament to see if it vibrates reveling a unseen broken spot. The filament sometimes looks good, but has a break in it, quite often near where it's attached to a wire "post".

    As far as replacing the bulb, I'm not going to be much help(I haven't had to replace mine yet).


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      Re: Ridgid Worklight

      Use a multimeter, and go through a process of elimination. Check the bulb, to see if there is still a connection there. Could be something come loose within the flashlight. Also, I'm not sure about the 24v version of the flashlight, but I know with my 18v flashlight, there is an extra bulb within the head housing. You just need to take it apart, and the spare bulb is hidden behind the reflector.