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  • Ridgid Mortising attachment

    Does anyone know why Ridgid has killed this attachment (AC6005) and the bits (AC6006, AC6007, AC6008 and AC6009) for their Drill Press? Is a new one coming? Something better perhaps? Anyone?

    I still create mine with Forstner Bits and chisels, but was thinking of trying the Ridgid attachment until I found that I couldn't find them.

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    Re: Ridgid Mortising attachment

    You can probably order it online or over the phone and pay more than you'd like to, or continue using the method you do now if the number of mortises is not that great. Or, you could measure (in Millimeters) the OD of the DP housing around the quill which is machined to accept the mortising attachment and look around for another make such as Delta, Grizzly, Jet or one of the others. Maybe also take a trip to a Woodcraft store and see if they have one that will fit.
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      Re: Ridgid Mortising attachment

      Alas, I see I am responding to a posting from 5 years ago regarding the removal of the AC6005 (the mortising attachment for the DP1550 drukk oress) from Ridgid's product catalogue.

      I just bought (Oct 2012) a DP15500 based on a store clerk's promise that a mortising attachment was available. He showed me its availability by showing me a copy of a Ridgid accessory catalogue with the AC6005 in it.

      Now I find the AC6005 product is no longer available and hasn't been for at least 5 years. I feel a little bit raped.

      Does anyout know if there is a mortising attachment available anywhere for the DP15500?


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        Re: Ridgid Mortising attachment

        Well you can feel unraped now. Most any mortising attachment should fit your drill press. Pretty sure this one will fit but you should do some measuring to make sure.
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          Re: Ridgid Mortising attachment

          I agree with BD there, most or one should be able to find a unit that will fit the machine, I bought one that was made 30 years before my press was made, and it fit fine, (the only thing was the drill stop was not the same, but that was easily over come,

          you may just consider a stand alone mortising machine, it is a pain to stitch back and forth,

          look around even just the attachments can vary a lot in price, a quick amazon search from $50 to $150 for just a drill press attachment,
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            Re: Ridgid Mortising attachment

            You may want to check e-bay.
            I recall Delta made a mortising attachment kit for drill presses.

            It comes with everything you need including various fittings to fit your specific drill

            The reality is they really cause lots of wear and tear on the drill press bearings!
            Once in a while usage may be OK but I'd strongly suggest you look at a dedicated mortising machine.
            Porter cable and other known brands make some good ones at a reasonable price.

            Have you looked at the Bead-Lock joinery system from Rockler tools?
            It's better than traditional mortise and tenon joinery.
            Plus all you need is a router.
            Look at item# 37801 $140.00
            they also offer 1/4" and 1/2" accessory kits and the router bit.

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              Re: Ridgid Mortising attachment

              Thank you all for your replies.

              Indeed, as you say, the Delta 17-924 should work. I've done some research and am about to buy the Delta unit. I found there are two issues to consider - the diameter of the chuck and the diameter of the quill.

              Re: the Quill: The Delta unit has 3 collets for adapting the actual quill diameter to the mortise attachment's mounting diameter. One set is for a 48mm quill diameter. The DP15500 has a 47mm diameter. When you consider how the two halves of the collet are installed, it would make sense that a 48mm collete is what you would need for a 47mm quill.

              Re: The Chuck, the hole in the top of the tool holder is 2.625." The DP15500's chuck diameter is 2.375." So it should fit through without a problem.

              Yes, I know, I should buy a mortiser. But I don't do that much mortising. I'm retired so I have plenty of time to do setups and teardowns. The short lever arm should do the job well for 5/16ths mortises. And I'll be gentle with my feed rate so as not to abuse the DP15500's bearings.

              In summary: I paid $167 for the drill press. I expect to pay $76 (plus tax) for a 17-924 from Tyler Tools. When done I will have spent about $250 and gotten what I see as two tools for the price of one.

              Again, thank you all.


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                Re: Ridgid Mortising attachment

                i had a delta mortising attachment that I used on my 82 vintage craftsman drill press.
                none of the adapters fit the quill snugly so I used a piece of crocus cloth as a shim, cutting it
                to the od of the quill minus a 1/16 of an inch so it would not overlap and it worked great.

                I used it for a number of years before I got a stand alone mortiser. I still have it and once
                found it was handy to have it so I did not have to break down the setup I had in the mortiser
                to do a different size mortise. I used the DP with attachment which worked fine.
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                  Re: Ridgid Mortising attachment

                  You can get an entire mortising machine (and a nice one like the Delta) for like 350 bucks. You can get a delta used for even less. May be a consideration.