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question with 9.6v piviot drill

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  • question with 9.6v piviot drill

    hi im new to the question is there some kind of magnetic bit holder/bit for the 9.6v piviot btis keep falling out real easily dont know why...any advice.... thanks so much


    associate at THD 6946

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    Re: question with 9.6v piviot drill

    The driver is not meant to hold regular hex bits on it's own unless they are the type with the "ball" on the end of the shank, usually the longer ones. If these are the type you have you may just need to pull the sleeve up on the end of driver and let the bit fall into place ato engage the holding mechanism.

    If you have the little bits, then you will need a bit holder. The bit holders will have the ball I was talking about. Find one that is a length you like--they run about $5 at HD and other places. When you put it in your driver, pull the sleeve outward like I said- this allows the bit holder to engage and it won't fall out.

    Magnetic bit holders are great, they also help keep the screws on the bit and allow you to dip the bit in your screw supply to grab a few at a time.

    I hope I'm being clear with what I'm saying here, if not don't worry, the more savvy guys will be by with pics and proper terminology if you need it. That driver is great, I love mine and use it all the time.

    A good carpenter makes few mistakes, a great carpenter can fix his own.


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      Re: question with 9.6v piviot drill

      woodenstickers thanks so going out to buy a couple of bit/bit holders today before i got to work thanks for your help...much appreciated..



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        Re: question with 9.6v piviot drill

        Here's a picture of a standard screwdriver bit:

        And this is a set of what Woodenstickers meant by a magnetic bit holder:

        What you want to look for to use with that 9.6volt pivoting screwdriver, is what you see at the end of that magnetic bit holder. It's a 1/4" hex shank power screwdriver end. That's the type of connection that is used with that screwdriver, and many other popular tools, such as an impact driver. You can use the plain tip bits on drill/drivers, because they have a friction locking chuck with jaws to hold the bit. You can get special bits, that are just longer versions of the little tips you see above, but with the 1/4" hex shank base to them. And they're great. But the magnetic bit holder is better, because it performs the connection function with that drill/screwdriver, but also adds a magnetic property to the bit, helping to better hold the screw on the end.

        And, if you want a recommendation on the best type, get a "BiTorsion" brand magnetic bit holder. It's a couple of bucks, but you can't go wrong. It has a little locking mechanism to it, to latch onto the bit better.

        Now, the obvious - how, oh please how, do you not know this, when your header bar states "Trade: thd 6946 hardware/recieving" and you're a "THD associate"???? Don't tell me you were using the small plain bits in this screwdriver and didn't realize that they were the wrong type for what the box, manual, etc, clearly states is a 1/4" hex shank quick coupler??? Dear God in heaven, please tell us not another one!!!


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          Re: question with 9.6v piviot drill

          no im not one of the assumed hd people u refer to..i just wasnt sure if there was a special type of bit for i know thanks for the info..