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Ridgid ROS: 2610 vs. 2611

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  • Ridgid ROS: 2610 vs. 2611

    Hi Everyone, this is my first post to this forum. I bought my first Ridgid tool, the 3650 TS, last year and have just been so incredibly impressed with it. Earlier this year when I needed to upgrade my mitre saw, I naturally looked at what Ridgid had to offer, and ended up buying the 12" SCMS as well. Both of these tools have done really well for me and my only regret is that I didn't buy them sooner!

    So now it is time to upgrade my ROS, and after considering all my various requirements I think the Ridgid 6" is the way to go.

    My question is this:

    When I was researching the sander, the display model in my local HD was a 2610, made in Germany. I pretty much made my decision based on my examination of that sander.

    Now I find out, however, that while it's the 2610 on display, the ones on the shelf that you can actually buy are 2611s, made in China! Well, this does give me pause to think.

    So my question is, in your experience, how does the Chinese made 2611 stack up against the German made 2610?

    I've been googling as best as I can, but the reviews out there aren't too helpful. Many talk about the 2611 being made in Germany, thus showing their confusion of the two models! Others proclaim that the 2611 isn't as good as the 2610, but don't give any specific reasons why this is so, relying instead on general (almost racist sounding) put downs of anything that comes form off shore. The most informative thing I've found so far was an old post here that claimed the 2611 was actually better designed than the 2610, because the vacuum connection is better and switching from one orbital setting to the other is made easy with a switch.

    So can anyone else provide any informed and specific comparisons of the two models?


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    Re: Ridgid ROS: 2610 vs. 2611

    Personally and I think the consensus of this forum is to try and get the 2610 version made by Metabo. If possible go back to HD point out that the old model is on display and try to see if they offer you a discount for the old display. If it was my store if we had the case and everything still we'd normally take roughly 10-15% off other wise if it was just the bare tool 25-30% off. It's worth a try anyways. One can always find a suitable case elsewhere.


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      Re: Ridgid ROS: 2610 vs. 2611

      If you can't find a GERMAN 2610, you might try looking for a real Metabo. The PDF file is from their current catalog of power tools they sell through USA tool dealers. Look at the model SXE450 and I'm pretty sure you'll be happy. I don't think they normally come with a case.
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        Re: Ridgid ROS: 2610 vs. 2611

        I have the Chinese made R2611 sander and what can I say; it sands extremely well and it has lasted me three years of moderate to heavy home woodworking use. It was worth the cost and it does it's job nicely.

        I had a choice between the German 2610 and the Chinese 2611. I chose the 2611 because I think it is more ergonomic. I did not like the dust collection bag on the 2610 either. The dust collection hook ups on the 2611 fit standard shop vac hoses.

        If the 2611 ever breaks I'd consider the Bosch 6" ROS, but I would also still consider the 2611 a good choice.


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          Re: Ridgid ROS: 2610 vs. 2611

          I have a Ridgid 2611 and it has been a problem. The front handle is not well built and won't stay attached. I took it back and got another one. The sales guy in the store had to try 3 different sanders until he got one that the handle would stay on. After a couple of months the handle is again coming loose. Yesterday I was using it and it just quit working. It was plugged in but would not start up. I think it is probably the switch. I took it back and was told that I would have to take it to a service center. What a hassle.

          I liked the machine when it was working. It did a good job, was aggressive enough and didn't leave scratches. The dust pick up worked well when attached to a vacuum. But the machine is not well built and meant for light duty use.