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Blade wobble on CMS

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  • Blade wobble on CMS

    Out of the blue the 100 tooth Ridgid blade on my 12" CMS started to wobble significantly. The blade seems flat and I can't feel any wobble in the bearing. I happened to see the Ridgid regional rep at HD and he said he had never heard of any problems of this type. I plan to go back to the jobsite tomorrow and bring a dial indicator and a couple more blades to see what I can find. Has anyone experienced and problems like this?

    I called Ridgid customer service and asked about guarantee/warrantee. They have absolutely no record of registration of any of my Ridgid tools. Sad! So I guess I am on my own.


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    Re: Blade wobble on CMS

    Of course we need more info, wobble significantly could mean almost anything. Did you check the blade bolt - of course you did, did you check the blade adapter - of course you did, was the blade hit? Did you have a bad kick back? Is there a new noise now? Did the wobble start during a cut or after moving the saw, or something else? Someone can help is they have more info.