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MS1290LZ or LZ1?

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  • MS1290LZ or LZ1?

    I have heard good things about both models except for the tracking on the sliders. I have read that it can be fixed by taking care to set the saw up correctly when you first break it out of the box. I have also heard there is nothing that can be done and that it tracks wrong because of a manufacturer's defect. Which is correct? Also, what's the difference between the LZ and the LZ1?

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    Re: MS1290LZ or LZ1?

    Originally posted by Jayfer Rattrap View Post
    Also, what's the difference between the LZ and the LZ1?
    From what I understand, that the LZ was the first model (with the so called problem, of which I can't comment on, since I've never owned one) and the LZ1 and LZA where brought in afterward, without the so called problem, with one of them being a manufacturing plant change. I own a LZ1 and no problems with it at all, cuts straight, bevels like it should and miters like it should. I would highly recommend it, from my experience.


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      Re: MS1290LZ or LZ1?

      I owned a 1290LZ1 until today. The 1st couple of months, I was doing some rough stuff, so I didn't notice anything wrong. Then a few weeks ago, I started a cabinet, and noticed some bad 45's, and not-so-square boards. It drove me nuts for awhile. I realized the blade was tracking right about 1/8". I went through the book twice, and couldn't get it right.
      I took it back to HD today, and even after 5 months, the manager gave me full credit, and I upgraded to the DW718, which is now marked down to $545.00. I'll never say another bad thing about the local HD.!!