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Safety questions about Miter Saw

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  • Safety questions about Miter Saw

    Recently purchased the Ridgid 10 In. Compound Miter Saw. Model: MS1065LZ
    This being my first miter saw, I'm taking my time putting it together and reading the manual to make sure I don't forget any safety procedures. But have 3 questions about safety that are not in the manual.

    1, I installed blade, laser and bolt that came with laser. tightened it up tight. But when I grab the blade with thumb and forefinger, I notice a bit of play in the saw. both up and down and side to side. ( Not from where I tightened the bolt, but in the main housing) Is this play normal?

    2, removed blade outer washer and bolt and installed blade and laser. Now the bolt differs from the bolt that is used with the outer washer. Is wedge shaped and not that strong looking as the flared end bolt that I took off with the outer washer. Should I use the bolt that was in the bag with the laser or the bolt that was attached with the outer washer?

    3. Booklet states that saw should be bolted to bench and used at hip height. I've seen dozens of contractors using miter saws not bolted down. on the floor, tailgate of truck etc... I don't plan on doing any fancy cuts, just 90 and 45 degree cuts with 2"x4"s to repair a porch deck. Any opinions?

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    Re: Safety questions about Miter Saw

    The small amount of lateral play is normal. It is the play between the shaft & bearings and is necessary to prevent binding. Up and down, or vertical as I "think" you mean should be VERY minimal. If it is not, or the blade vibrates during operation, then something may be amiss here. Easiest thing to do is go back to the store and check either the display unit, or ask the Manager if you may inspect another Boxed unit as a reference.

    The bolt with the chamfered edge is MORE than adequate for the task and is the one to use. I have both the 12" Compound and the 12" Compound sliding miter and they have given me NO problems what-so-ever.

    For "SAFEST" operation, you should bolt down your miter saw. You can simply bolt or even clamp it to a sheet of plywood or two 2X4 and in turn clamp them to some sawhorses. A better option is a Miter saw stand. Home Depot sells a VERY nice unit for a 10" saw from Ryobi. Very nice fold up unit and compact and mobile. I have my 12 Compound saw mated to one. I have my 12" Slider mounted on the "OLD" style Ridgid MS Utility Vehicle. Basically you just want to prevent the unit from tipping during cutting. However, the bases on all Ridgid saws are industry standards and large enough that tipping just isn't an issue, unless you are being a moron and careless.

    Cutting 2X4 as you are is barely working this saw, so you should be OK!
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      Re: Safety questions about Miter Saw

      always work safe and work like a gentleman. invest in a miter saw stand. the ryobi is a good looking unit and i'd buy it if a didn't have one already from another manufacturer. nothing is more of a pain than working on the ground or worrying about the saw tipping over when its improperly secured.
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        Re: Safety questions about Miter Saw

        I've seen the CMS used a couple of times with no mounting or support. Let me tell you, there's no way I would do that!!! I can just see someone using an unsupported CMS and when it starts to tip, they instinctly try to grab it with their left hand, and there goes a few fingers or worse. The right hand will be on the handle and and if the saw ever tipped forward, the blade would swing up and leave you totally exposed as your body or the lumber would probably push the blade guard up. NO THANKS

        I have the Ryobi stand, and it's really well built and easily portable. I mouted my Ridgid 10" CMS to a small piece of plywood which is then mounted to the two quick-mount brackets. Then your saw is easily removed and carried separately. The Ryobi stand supports up to 400 lbs., folds up quickly, is easily transported up and down stairs and thru doorways. The integral extensions provide good outward support and include an adjustable stop plate which makes multiple cuts, to a consistant size, quite easy. At $99 its a smart investment.



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          Re: Safety questions about Miter Saw

          Just bolt a couple of 2 x 4's(long enough so it can't tip) to it for stability, and it will be fine(like already posted), if all your going to do is a porch, I would skip the expense of a stand, it's something you can buy anytime (like if their on sale).

          As already posted the bolt with the laser works fine, and is strong enough to do the job intended,(and actually is just as strong as the bolt with the bigger head, the threads are the same size, so the bolts will be equivalent strength) I've had no problems with it(and I use both, the laser and the normal blade clamp, depending on what I'm cutting).

          As far as the movement, it's hard to say without seeing it, or a more detailed description.


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            Re: Safety questions about Miter Saw

            Thanks for the feedback folks,

            I check the demo at Home Depot, it had the same play. Same with the other models, so I figure I'm ok.

            I think I will get a proper stand for it at a later date, not in the budget right now. I did pick up a used coffee table cheap thats 40" x 40" square, A solid heavy beast. (hardwood?) It took two of us to get it in the house. Im thinking if I bolt the saw to it, hopefully that would be ok.