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    I have the Ridgid 13" portable planer, the model before the latest one now being sold. As I set up the piece and before planing I always set the lock on the depth wheel. Often, as the piece is being planed, the setting wheel rotates counter-clock wise - the direction to reduce the depth to be cut by the planer. Is the depth of cut actually being reduced or are planer blades being held and the movement only in the setting wheel? If the cutting depth is being reduced, how can this be fixed. This is disconcerting. Thanks.

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    Re: Portable Planer

    Measure the thickness with a vernier at the start and finish of a longer board, this will answer your question. I would suspect that it should measure the same, if the lock is on, the wheel may rotate a little from the "play" in the threads on the depth setting with the vibration.