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Help, Need Advice on 24Volt Lith-Ion 3PC Kit

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    Re: Help, Need Advice on 24Volt Lith-Ion 3PC Kit

    Found a seller wanting $200 for a hammerdrill kit,24V. HD has the kit for 1 cent in their computer so I do not know the real price that was on clearance.
    I am ready to giv up and return the Ridgid tools b/c HD does not care at all in trying to help, even called the local Rep and he has not called back for a week. I shop Lowes now because of their attitude. The store is almost empty, where Lowes seems busy.
    The 8 pc kit is a good deal but you need the 24V batts to use the circ. saw as a real substitute for a corded one. I have enough Milwaukee 18v tools already.


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      Re: Help, Need Advice on 24Volt Lith-Ion 3PC Kit

      Originally posted by DeuceLee View Post
      maybe he's talking about the 18v 3 piece kit, that's was once $269...

      but if he did steal the 24v kit for $269, that's a pretty nice hat trick...
      I'm talking about the 24v kit. I wasn't even looking for new tools at the time. I went to HD looking for some new batteries for my Dewalt kit, and just happened to stumble upon this little jewel at $269. It was just too good to pass up. Plus I had a 10% off coupon. This was Oct. 2007.

      I have heard a few other guys say they found the same deal.


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        Re: Help, Need Advice on 24Volt Lith-Ion 3PC Kit

        I do not know how the price is now $100 more at $379, but then again the 8pc is $499 now! up $200


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          Re: Help, Need Advice on 24Volt Lith-Ion 3PC Kit

          I am currently in electrical school to get a full grasp of electricity oh and the degree. Ive benn running wire for qa long time never needed to plug in except for a recharge of the batts. I have 2 Lion drills I use for work with 3 extra Nicad batts, usually dont need the extra but they're there if I do.

          The Ni Cad drills will do you fine the weight diff is not much. If you are set on the Lion buy the $179 drill and get an extra nicad bat, they all work together and the charger is backword compatable.

          I use 18V for everything havent needed a hammer drill yet but I have one of those if I do. You shouldnt find the need for heavyer than that when first starting out. Besides you wont be on the jobsite alone someone will have what you need.

          As one of the guys said above you will have plenty of time to outfit your tool needs as time passes. You shouldnt over kill getting started, in time you will figure out what you need and dont need.

          This one is a must for every electrician

          BUY THE RYOBI, (4V Lithium) ELECTRIC screw driver you will use that more than your drills. It's 29 bucks and worth every penny. Lasts all day loads of power and an extreamly good driver for the price. It has enough power to drive a 2" screw in a 4x4, and you will save loads of time on those switch plates and wire clamps over a hand driver. It is the best driver for the money comparable to the much more expensive RIDGID and alot smaller fits in your tool belt nicely.
          If they dont have it in stock order it from the store.

          Dont buy the GB test equipment its junk, Greenlee at lowes is better.