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Ridgid could corner the RC Airplane market.

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  • Ridgid could corner the RC Airplane market.

    Rc Airplane hobbist need a tool, We use an eletric starter to turn the engines on our airplane to get them started. The problem is the starters and battery packs that are sold are all one peice. So if you run out of juice your are done flying for the day or untill the battery is charged. My Dad bought me a Ridgid set for Christmas a few years ago, and I was looking at it and though it would be nice to be able to use my Ridgid batterys to run my starter. So I bought an extra flash light , cut off the base and wired it to my setup. I have used it for about two years and love it.

    This is a couple post on a RC Airplane blog.

    I think if you sold a Drill/Airplane starter combo, you would get a alot of product loyaity. I have a Dewalt drill that I bought before I received my ridgid set, but now I only buy ridgid power tools because the battery works on my starter. Most people that have RC Airplanes are the same people the buy your tools.

    A fair price would be 250.00 for the set. That is what it would cost to buy a drill at Home Depot.
    It would cost 34.99 for the starter from Tower Hobbies.
    And another 27.99 for the battery pack that can't be changed out.

    If you guys made these and sold them just through Tower Hobbies alone would proably justify the cost for new tool molds need to make a cone starter.

    If you come out with this product let me know and will send the word out to the blogs.
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    Re: Ridgid could corner the RC Airplane market.

    Interesting Idea. it seems more like an after market type product that someone would make.

    Contractors make up a large portion of our customers, while some of they fly planes for a hobby I dont think that we could come out with a combo kit that had a plane starter in it.

    Great idea though,