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difference in cordless tool parts?

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  • difference in cordless tool parts?

    From what I'm seeing, it seems like the Max jig saw R883 and the standard jig saw R8433 are essentially the same thing other then a little more rubber on the ends and a different part number. Right?

    The specs are the same, they look nearly identical. One's advertized as "dual voltage" but many people have already said the non dual voltage tools works with the 24volt lithiums too.

    And what about the Max R884 Recip saw and the standard R8442 recip saw? same kind of thing?

    Seems like there is only ONE circular saw and that's the R885. Yes? No? Am I missing a non Max circular saw? If so is there really any difference between the two?

    R851150 Max 24volt drill with 615 inlbs torque and R8411503 18volt NiCad with 585 inlbs of torque. (obviously more voltage = more torque)

    I guess what I'm ultimately asking is, other then being labeled "dual voltage" and having a lil more rubber on the Max tools, is there really any big engineering upgrade over the NiCad tools? or is it just rebadged and more rubber on it? Or are they basically the same?

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    Re: difference in cordless tool parts?

    I am wondering the same thing too. I just purchased the 24 Lith -ion 3PC kit, Hammer/drill-R851150, Recip-R854, Light-R859.
    I also phoned Ridgid Tech line about the Weights of the Diff Cordless Drills.
    R851150 5 pounds 10 ounces W/O Batt
    R841151 5 pounds 4 Ounces W/O Batt
    R8411503 4 Pounds 8.5 Ounces W/O Batt
    R86006 3 Pounds 3.25 OuncesW/O Batt
    Those are the numbers she gave me. And the 24 Volt Lith-Ion Batt is 2.15 Pounds by itself. And the 18 Volt Lith-Ion Compact Batt weighs only 1.05 Pounds.
    I was almost going to take back my 24 Volt 3 Pc Set to wait it out for the 18 Volt Lith-Ion Combo kit to be in stock. Now I'll just buy the 18 Volt Lith-ion Compact Batt to save some Weight.
    The tech person also mentioned that the 24 Volt Hammer drill does have a stronger motor than the 18 Volt Hammer Drill. So slapping the 24 Volt Lith-Ion Batt on the 18 Volt Hammer drill will not get you the same power as the Real 24 Volt Drill with its own Batt.
    Hope some of this helps with this thread


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      Re: difference in cordless tool parts?

      cool thanks for the info bro...that does shed some light to this thread...

      i've been having problems talking with ridgid's tech support, seems like they haven't been wanting to give me much info...

      i guess i can give another try...i'd like to know more about the recip saw and jig saw differences, from specs alone, doesn't seem to be any though...

      i wonder if the 18volt 3.0Ah kit will come with the same hammer drill as the 24volt kit...