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Problems with my "new" 18v LIion Drill

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  • Problems with my "new" 18v LIion Drill

    First off HI.

    Ok so i bought the Compact 18V LI ion drill on 10/13. I returned it on 10/15 due to a bad battery right out of the box. So no i have another whole new kit. about 3 weeks later the charger starts acting up and wouldn't charge the batteries correctly and i noticed i have a wobbly chuck. so i go back to HD and they are no help untill i start to get a little angry and insist on them replacing it with a new one. Im told that the best they can do after 30 days is ship it to ridgid in springfield or where ever and see if the fix it. I was under the impression i had 90 days so i continue arguing and finally he opts to atleast replace the charger. So i deal with the slight wobble to the chuck and go on my merry way. well that lands me to today where i am minutes from driving to HD to return this kit for a different brand all together. I pulled the drill out of the bag to hang some drywall and i hit the trigger to chuck up my bit when i notice i now have no speed control, just like ON OFF. This is BS! i spent too much for this thing to have this many problems in less than 60 days.

    Now my question... What should i do, try my hand at another one or go straight to the Makita set???? thanks and sorry for the long first post im rather angry at this whole situation

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    Re: Problems with my "new" 18v LIion Drill

    Sounds like you've got a bad unit. I, and many others, are more than happy with this drill. You've got 90 days - use it: exchange for another one.


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      Re: Problems with my "new" 18v LIion Drill

      one small suggestion. don't ask the store to exchange something or swap a defective portion of a product for a similar portion in a new product. just return the item you're dissatisfied with and buy another one if you want to try it again. the in store systems are configured to accomodate returns but not exchanges. i know some stores/managers on occasion make accomodations to irate customers, but an easier and less stressful way to address this situation is the return and repurchase avenue. works for me every time.
      there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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        Re: Problems with my "new" 18v LIion Drill

        Sorry about the bad luck with the drill. I just pick one up a few days ago and so far I love it, although I haven't got to use it much. Most people I know of that have one like it, so I would say try another one.


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          Re: Problems with my "new" 18v LIion Drill

          well I took back my drill and picked up the milwaukee compact drill since they were all out of the ridgid LIion. im going to try it for 30 days and then make up my mind if i want to try the ridgid or stick with the milwaukee.. thanks for the replies


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            Re: Problems with my "new" 18v LIion Drill

            I have one also and use it frequently without any problems. I also work at HD part time and have sold many others on it also. I havent had any negative feedback on any of the Ridgid tools.

            The Makita was my choice until the Ridgid came out. However a coworker has the Makita and has burned up 3 batteries in about 6 months.


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              Re: Problems with my "new" 18v LIion Drill

              Add my name to the Ridgid 18V LI compact drill fan list. Have had it for 6 months and use it hard every day on the job. Great balance, power, trigger control and run time with 1.5AH batts. I consider it among the best I've ever used.
              The Ridgid return policy which is backed by Home Depot is for a "90 day unconditional return unless completely satisfied." See below for statement taken from Home Depot website:
              "During the first 90 days after the date of purchase, if you are dissatisfied with the performance of your RIDGID Hand Held or Stationary Power Tool for any reason you may return the tool to the dealer from which it was purchased for a full refund or exchange. To receive a replacement tool you must present proof of purchase and return all original equipment packaged with the original product. The replacement tool will be covered by the limited warranty for the balance of the 3-year service warranty period."
              I would return the drill to Home Depot and purchase a new one. If they give you any grief ask to talk to the store mgr. and show him the copy of the "Ridgid 90 day unconditional return policy" and explain how you have been getting jerked around. Suggest he provide reasonable compensation for your bad treatment and inconvienence. I have never had a problem from any Home Depot store and I have returned items at stores from Auburn,NY to Portland,OR and many places in between. In fact I have always found them to be more than accommodating with providing satisfaction for problem products. Just as a note I will say that I have always treated HD personnel with respect. I have never yelled or in any way taken an attitude of blaming the HD workers for problems I might have with a product. If I simply want an exchange I simply take the item to the "Exchange/Return" counter and calmly explain that the item is defective and I would like to exchange it for another one. 99% of the time the HD employee will say "go back to the dept. and pick out a new one and bring it back here." I bring the new one back and they process it and a few minutes later I'm walking out with a new tool. I probably shouldn't say this in case any HD spies are monitoring, however there have been a few times when a tool has failed long after the return time (not necessarily Ridgid). I simple return it to HD without a receipt and tell them the product has failed and request a repalcement. I have NEVER been refused. I believe the key with working with these people (like most human beings) is to treat them as I would like to be treated. Enough of that soapbox....
              Now to the Makita. I have held it in my hand at HD. Loved the feel and balance of it. In fact if Ridgid had not produced the 18V compact I might have purchased it. There have been many posts on here from people who loved it and a few who have had some complaints.
              All things being equal I buy Ridgid because they seem to build very good tools that compare favorably with the other top brands of Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, et all. The bonus for someone who uses tools to make a living and works them hard every day(sometimes to the point of abuse) is the LSA. I haven't had a need for it yet, however the thought that it is there behind and in support of a couple thousand dollars worth of tools is a warm fuzzy.
              Good luck....Ray