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8pc ultimate kit for $299!!!

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  • 8pc ultimate kit for $299!!!

    I just picked up the 8pc ultimate kit for $299! Wow what a steal. Just wanted to let everyone know that because you should check around at your local HD's to see if they have any left, you just cant beat that price. Out of 4 local HD's there was only one kit and i got it. Also the charger will charge Li bateries there was some confusion about that on another forum. GOOD LUCK

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    Re: 8pc ultimate kit for $299!!!

    Patman, thanks for the heads-up. The news hit the forum on Tuesday and people have been going nuts about it. Definitely a great deal.
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      Re: 8pc ultimate kit for $299!!!

      Man, I really wish someone would have posted a new thread with this deal in it. I've been checking these forums for about a week straight. But didn't check the "Christmas Deals" thread thinking it was gut stuff people got right after Christmas. Now I'm kicking myself for not getting one !


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        Not feeling any love here


        Post a picture of this 8pc kit so I know what to hunt for at my local HD's.

        It sounds like a great deal and I'll buy just to have it on the savings aspect.
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