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HELP!!! This Guy thinks I'm a Meanie!!!

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    Re: HELP!!! This Guy thinks I'm a Meanie!!!

    Originally posted by DuckButter View Post
    The first post was funny as hell. (just read it...not knowing if it was edited)
    When he decided it wasn't, you mighta backed off.
    You need to be more like me, more poised, sensitive and tactful.
    Blue collar guys tend to have a wee bit of "heartiness" in their humor...lotsa stuff we think is funny might not go over the same with others.
    I just started helping our church group renovate a shack for a couple of interns that should be bladed.

    I have never seen so many cockeyed looks my way.

    It's as though many of em wonder if I'm some kind of devil spawn


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      Re: HELP!!! This Guy thinks I'm a Meanie!!!

      tin mack lmao, don't change, my humor is very close to yours so i can see it, even if others can't.......... or won't, but i will say this......... yes i joke i tease and sometimes if the moon is just right, i have even been know to instagate, but if some one comes here looking for help i do try to help that person in my frist post, but my second post is up for fair game.

      you might just need to tone down the frist post humor, but i have to amdit i was laughing pretty hard at the hand sanding and the running away isanely parts. lol nothing wrong with alittle sarcastic humor, i use it all the time hehehe
      9/11/01, never forget.


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        Re: HELP!!! This Guy thinks I'm a Meanie!!!

        Thanks Chevy....I know there's a few easygoing folks like you on here, glad you enjoyed it.

        Funny, but I did tell him in the first post(3rd point) to assume it was defective and return it to the store for another one.

        If you read the later posts, that's EXACTLY what he did!!

        I can give good advice too.......
        I'm on "The List" and I love it!!